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Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo no Yume o Miru

The Vampire Princess Has Rose Coloured Dream
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Author: Sasaki Ichiro (佐崎 一路)

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I-, who should have died in an accident, woke up as character from the game “Eternal Horizon Online” .  Along with all my assets, monster-followers (pets) and territory, I was transferred to a different world that’s similar, but not the same as the one of EHO. yet looking around, all my followers are far stronger than me, and thus I’m forced to act as the [Me] of the game (the princess) and rule over them; and then the monsters, beastmen and demi-humans of this world start pledging their allegiance to me as well.

Before I realised it, I’m ruling over a huge empire. On top of that mysterious enemies appeared, and my worries are endless…

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Please note that I decided to first retranslate some previously translated chapters as I felt there were too many mistranslations by the previous translator. Once I’ve caught up to the last translated chapter, I will continue from there.

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My Genderswapped Life (as a God) in a New World

Nyotaika Tensei Kara Hajimaru Isekai Shin (Kami) Seikatsuon

Author: Kasumi (霞)

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When a disaster strikes, university student Kogawa Kei and six of his friends lose consciousness.

They are reincarnated into “Low Hand World” where the good god ‘Ryoshin’ and the evil god ‘Jashin’ rule.

There, they are safely reincarnated, but for some reason, only Kei has turned into a girl!

In addition, she has gained a cheat ability to create her own powers based on her own imagination.

The name of that ability is…… [Creator].

With this ability, Kogawa Kei accepts the fact that he has become a girl, changes her name to “Kelt,” and together with her friends, uses her cheat abilities to solve incidents that occur in this world.

And then, before you know it, you’re being treated as a god…

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About Me

Welcome to my site!

I’m Mimisan. Thanks for visiting my site! You may have seen me comment or post manga translations on mangadex. Anyway I decided to give WN translations a go. For my first project I’ve selected the above Web Novel by Kasumi.

I have my own distinctive translation style that tries to preserve as much of the original Japanese style, flair and context. As English lacks many of the nuances, inflections, tonality etc. that Japanese has, I try to preserve as much as I can to prevent things being lost in translation. Therefore I never translate honourifics unless there is a suitable 1-to-1 english equivalent. (eg: ‘Lord’ or ‘Sir’ is NOT a suitable translation for -sama)

My translation style is geared towards people who have a little understanding of the Japanese language and culture as one would typically pick up if they were regular manga readers or watched subbed anime. Of course, I understand that people have different levels of proficiency and understanding, which is why I provide footnotes as explanations for anything I think is necessary.

Additionally, I plan to create a glossary you can refer to if there are any terms or words you don’t understand. My hope is that through reading this translation, over time you will increase your proficiency to the point you will be able to understand all these common Japanese terms and concepts natively.

Lastly, for the benefit of those who have a little familiarity with Japanese and the speech styles, please note that you can always mouse over conversations to read the romaji. Often you can get deeper clues or insights into characters, their feelings and their relationships with others based on their kucho (ie: their manner of speech). It is simply impossible to translate these subtle things into English.

Please leave a comment to tell me how I can improve. Constructive criticism is always welcome!