Vol 3

Volume 3 of Kyuuketsuki Hime wa Bara Iro no Yume wo Miru

Vol 3. Ch. 13 – The Conditions for Victory

Revan who was lying on the ground, stood up, having narrowly avoided being hit in the face by Chole’s Kon by crossing both his arms to block it. Seeing both how the arm guards he wore, ‘Kanshou’, didn’t even have a scratch on them, he once again felt grateful to Hiyuki.

Vol 3 Ch. 12 – The Preliminaries Begin

The battle to decide the next Beast King will take place over the next three days, with the preliminaries which are being held at a place called The 『Demon Wolf’s Feeding Grounds』, which is located at the foot of the Cress Kingdom’s holy ground, The 『Sacred Beast’s Hill』.