My Genderswapped Life

My Genderswapped (God’s) Life in a New World

Chapter 18: The Red Phosphorus Dragon, Salamander

To start off with Dan sent us all the data on Salamander.
A high ranking dragonoid species characterised by its’ red scales that can manipulate fire. The red scales are highly resistant to fire and provide high defensive power.

Chapter 17: The Fairy Garden

With Selphia’s guidance, we went deep into the forest. Perhaps we were simply lucky, but we didn’t encounter any monsters at all. As we proceeded deeper into the forest, the landscape changed. The number of large trees steadily increased, darkening the forest as they blocked out the sunlight.

Chapter 16: Elf Rescue

Having repelled the attackers, we resumed our journey, and it’s now been 2 days since the start of our trip. We walked, and walked, then stopped briefly for a rest, then we walked some more.

Chapter 15: Early Morning Raid

With the goal of heading for the 『Fairy Garden』, we left Morika, made camp in the grasslands outside, and turned in early for the night in preparation for tomorrow’s outing. While everyone else was asleep, I stepped a little distance away to do some experimenting,

Chapter 14: A Trade

「Fairy’s Wings? What’s that?」
I knew nothing about that item. The only thing I could tell was that it had something to do with Fairies and that it was extremely valuable.

Chapter 12: Onwards to the City-State Morika

Leaving the inn, our party headed north. After walking for about 2 hours, a large building gradually came into view, at the horizon. That must surely be the largest city and capital of the Once Region, the city-state Morika.

Chapter 11.5: Intermission – Kelt’s Female Circumstances

That night, having returned to my room at the inn, I stood alone in front of a mirror, fidgeting. Naturally, having transformed from a man to a girl, I was feeling rather uneasy about my own body. Alone in my room, I used this opportunity to once again examine my new body.