Volume 0

Volume 0 of My Genderswapped Life (as a God) in a New World – Genderswapped Reincarnation Arc

Chapter 11.5: Intermission – Kelt’s Female Circumstances

That night, having returned to my room at the inn, I stood alone in front of a mirror, fidgeting. Naturally, having transformed from a man to a girl, I was feeling rather uneasy about my own body. Alone in my room, I used this opportunity to once again examine my new body.

Chapter 11: Our Destiny Henceforth

After our bath, we all sat down together for dinner, and perhaps because everyone was exhausted, the guys all went to bed right after. As for me, I went up to Elma-san’s room, as she requested. Naturally, my heart was beating like crazy. Being a man on the inside, even I’m prone to strange delusions. Only after I had calmed my nerves and my trembling hand settled down, did I open the door to Elma-san’s room.

Chapter 10: A Little While at the Inn

After deciding to spend the night at this inn, some time has passed and it is now night time. We are currently taking baths in turns, and Yushiris, Euvis and Ama were currently in the bath. While waiting for our turn, Gakuto, Dan and I were having a good time chatting with Sarah about various trivial things.

Chapter 9: For The Family Left Behind

Having lost to the blonde bishōjo’s bright and cheerful smile, we ended up entering the inn despite not having enough money, as she guided us to the front desk, with my hand in tow.
There stood another blonde woman, the spitting image of the young girl who greeted us.

Chapter 8: The Concept of Money

We’ve been walking through this wide open grassland for some time. With the aim of meeting people of this world, we continued on silently. Ever since we became uni students, none of us got much exercise, so simply walking such a long distance was as exhausting as running a marathon.

Chapter 6: The Black Fog

The fight between us and the fog man started. I start by staring at the ‘man’’s eyes, just like I had previously done with the Hell Hound, to see if any useful information appeared.
Name: unknown
Level: ??
Skills: [???],[???]
What’s with this guy? There’s no info at all.

Chapter 5: Special Spec (part 2)

I couldn’t hide my shock at this power. As I stood there in a daze, Ama had a satisfied expression on his face.

「Hmm…. I guess I overdid it」
「You’re a… lightning user?」
「So it would seem」
This guy’s kinda scary. I firmly decided that from now on I wouldn’t do anything that would make him too angry.

Chapter 4: Special Spec (Part 1)

『Thou, Can thou hear my voice? I saw what you did earlier. Do you know how to use the power that you’ve obtained? Well, I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress from now. Till the day you come to me.』 Hmm? What? I’m sure I fell asleep…. is this a dream?