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Kyuuketsu Hime wa Barairo o Yume wo Miru

The Vampire Princess Has Rose Coloured Dream
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Author: Sasaki Ichiro (佐崎 一路)

RAW Source: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n1136bt/

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I-, who should have died in an accident, woke up as character from the game “Eternal Horizon Online” .  Along with all my assets, monster-followers (pets) and territory, I was transferred to a different world that’s similar, but not the same as the one of EHO. yet looking around, all my followers are far stronger than me, and thus I’m forced to act as the [Me] of the game (the princess) and rule over them; and then the monsters, beastmen and demi-humans of this world start pledging their allegiance to me as well.

Before I realised it, I’m ruling over a huge empire. On top of that mysterious enemies appeared, and my worries are endless…

Chapter List

NOTE: I’m starting by retranslating part of Volume 3, then will continue on past where the translation was last dropped.

Prologue (by Mado Spicy)
Volume 1: Land of Rebirth (by Madospicy)
Volume 2: Turbulence in the Royal Capital (by Madospicy & TonyYon)
Volume 3: The Beast King Of The Frontier
Vol 3 Ch. 12 – The Preliminaries Begin
Vol 3. Ch. 13 – The Conditions for Victory