Web Novel

My Genderswapped Life (as a God) in a New World

Nyotaika Tensei Kara Hajimaru Isekai Shin (Kami) Seikatsu

Author: Kasumi (霞)

RAW Source: https://ncode.syosetu.com/n3009fg/

Note: The full title of this WN is:
Nyootaika tensei kara hajimaru isekai shin (kami) seikatsu 〜 TS shita moto danshi daigakusei, daini no jinsei wa chīto nōryoku [sōzō-sha] o te ni shite kami no gen de hataraku katawara de itsunomanika [kami] atsukai sa reru 〜

(Lit: My new life (as a god) in a new world started with my reincarnation as a girl ~ A genderswapped for male college student, in her second life, gets the cheat-like power [Creator], and while working for a god, ends up being worshipped as a ‘god’ herself.


When a disaster strikes, university student Kogawa Kei and six of his friends lose consciousness.

They are reincarnated into “Low Hand World” where the good god ‘Ryoshin’ and the evil god ‘Jashin’ rule.

There, they are safely reincarnated, but for some reason, only Kei has turned into a girl!

In addition, she has gained a cheat ability to create her own powers based on her own imagination.

The name of that ability is…… [Creator].

With this ability, Kogawa Kei accepts the fact that he has become a girl, changes her name to “Kelt,” and together with her friends, uses her cheat abilities to solve incidents that occur in this world.

And then, before you know it, you’re being treated as a god…