Chapter 0: Prologue

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Author’s Foreword:

Nice to meet you, everyone.
My name is Kasumi, and I’m writing a novel. This is my first attempt at writing a serialised novel, and this story is my maiden work. I hope you will all enjoy this, and will do my best to that aim. Yoroshiku Onegaishimasu.

The prologue is meant to give you an idea of the general setting of the world as a starter. If you’re not interested in that, please go on to Chapter 1.

This is the continent of ‘Lowhand’, a world far removed from the one you live in.

It is divided into seven regions, where people of various races live- from humans and elves, to machines, dragon-kin and demons. There are seven gods in the world, each whom ruled over one region and kept it in balance with the other regions.

However, there was a disturbing atmosphere in this world.

The hand of evil was spreading across the lands- in particular the Schick Region, where it had caused great suffering to come about; Anastasia Castle was currently in uproar.

「Anastasia-sama! It’s a disaster! A large number of monsters have appeared in these lands, just as in 5 other regions! 」

A soldier in heavy armour hurriedly entered the throne room where a God sat. Upon hearing those words, the god’s aides all began to murmur.

「Silence! …It seems they’re finally on the move eh 」

Anastasia silenced her noisy entourage. Her risqué blue dress and long blue hair fluttered as she made her way to the main doors.

「Anastasia-sama, where are you..? 」

「An emergency meeting with the five other gods! We have to immediately assemble…… 」

At that moment, the whole castle quaked. Chandeliers on the ceiling shook violently, as decorative vases fell off their mantles and smashed to pieces.

In a world where earthquakes rarely occurred, a shocked Anastasia grabbed onto a handrail for support as she waited for the shaking to subside.

「Kugh… So this really is the doing of the seventh god..」

「Anastasia-sama! A horde of monsters is approaching the castle!!」

「Remain calm! Take pride as people of the Schick region, and meet the monsters head on with a fervour befitting the soldiers of Anastasia!」

「At once!!」

At Anastasia’s words, the soldier immediately left the throne room. The various aides in the room approached Anastasia, full of worry.

「Anastasia-sama, are you are you alright?!

「Yes… I’m fine… I have to warn the rest of the world immediately…. We don’t have much time….」

Anastasia staggered towards the door.
That earthquake is surely an omen. I fear it is a sign that something ominous will happen to the world.

Ever since the previous 7th god died and that fellow ascended, the world’s balance has been disrupted. Oh, why did he have to die…

The『Creator』…  That person… is once again before us…
And to her, Divine retribution is…

This is the continent of “Lowhand”, a world far removed from the one you live in. It was a place whose peace was about to be threatened.

Little did we know that an oblivious saviour would appear in this world…

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