Chapter 1: Catastrophe

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Q: What sort of story is this?
A: Please determine the answer with your own eyes.

TN Note: Mouseover the conversations to read the romaji for extra context!

This is a university in a rural area of Japan. There, a man quickly ran down the hallway and through the crowd towards the cafeteria.

「Hey! Sorry I’m late!」

It’s lunchtime, and I, Kogawa Kei, am the only one to come late to our table at the busy uni cafeteria. Sprawled across the long rectangular table are many nearly empty containers of ramen and donburi[1] sold at the cafeteria. Man, you guys eat too quickly.

「Oh there you are, you’re late…」


Masuoka Ryuutaro and Anobu Shin, who’d arrived earlier, looked up from their smartphones and gave their usual response.

「Kei. You sure are late today… what were you up to?」

「I just finished my class. That professor just keeps rambling on and on…」

While looking for a seat, I answered Sano Uzuki, who had long, plentiful hair and wore a bandanna.

「Ah I’ve awready eatn’… why don’t’cha sit ‘ere?」

「Oh how thoughtful. Thanks, Dan」

There was an empty seat next to Mitsuya Dan, who speaks in a strong kansai-ben[2] accent, so I sat down next to him and chewed into the Karaage Donburi[3] I’d bought at the cafeteria.

Next to me, Shin and Ryuutarou start their usual Anime chat. Part of my usual lunchtime routine includes listening to these two Anime critics’ discussion.

「Hey Ryuutarou, have you seen the lineup for this winter’s anime?」

「Me..? Well… there ain’t anything in particular that I’m looking forward to, but I’m kinda interested in that anime with 5 girls. It’s got an all-star lineup of seiyuu[4], so could be worth watching 」

Of late I’ve been too busy to watch Anime, so I don’t really know what they’re talking about; still, I enjoyed listening to these two.

「Ah, I’m kinda curious about that one too」

Hearing the two of them talk about anime, Okada Gakuto joined in. While listening to the three of them go on and on about anime, I’d finished my lunch before I knew it.

Ah… nothing like a sip of warm green tea to calm the mind. And right at that moment I heard a voice so close, as to tickle my ears.

「Kei… hey Kei, you listening?」

「Ah, Ukyou… didn’t notice you there」

Eeh~ you only just noticed~?」

「Well, I did see you, but I guess it didn’t really register…」

Eeh~ that’s just mean~」

「If you think that’s mean, then you’re just too sensitive…」

「I’m okay with that~」

Nagase Ukyou had came up to me spouting silliness, to which I appropriately countered. When I honestly told her that I didn’t feel like talking, Ukyou ended up looking at me with her mouth agape.

While in the midst of this sort of daily life, I realised something about this group. We consisted of all sorts of characters, with a variety of strengths.

Shin, Ryuutarou and Gakuto knew a lot about Anime. In particular Shin has a sharp mind, whilst Gakuto was calm and analytical. Dan is good at drawing, whereas Ukyou lived at her own pace.

As for me… well nothing in particular came to mind. Just that I felt a little envious of everyone. Hanging out with these guys, I guess I just wanted to have something I was good at too. That line of thinking has been getting worse of late as I’m always thinking of such things.

「If I became a god, I’d be able do anything right?」

「Wher’dhat come from?!」

While I was the midst of my chuunibyou[5] fantasies, I’d accidentally said something out aloud, and was overheard by Dan. This is bad…

「Nah! It’s nothing!」

In my embarrassment, I’d accidentally raised my voice in trying to brush the matter aside. I quickly tried to cover up this mess.

「Oh, okay… You surprised me. I won’t pry too much then.」

「And? And?」

「hmm? Aah, that reminds me… Kei, have you thought up a scenario yet?」

Our group was trying to make a game for next summer’s Comiket. If I had to describe it, I’d say it was a sort of fan activity. The ones working on this are myself, Dan, Shin, Uzuki and Ryuutarou – five of us in total.

And I was in charge of coming up with the scenario for this self-made game. I guess I’m pretty well suited to this role, since I like to write.

「Oh, yea… Well, I’ve kinda thought up the introductory part」

「Wazz’it like?」

To Dan’s question, I answer proudly.

「For starters, the protagonist… Nah.. I wanna set it in a world that’s come to ruin, with the protagonist and his friends having been reincarnated and are living their second life! Whad’ya think?!」

Ryuutaro noticed immediately.

「That’s totally an isekai in‘nit?」

Shin then followed up.

「Reincarnation… Rather cliché.」

Gakuto piled on the negativity.

「Reincarnation tropes are associated with a certain novel site, so lets not…」

Um, as expected, my idea was shat on. I already knew what this trio of critics would think…but on the other hand, there were also fools who’d be interested in this sort of thing.

「Whad’yall on abou’?」

「I don’t think isekai is a bad thing. I don’t hate it.」

「Huh~? What’re y’all talking about~?」

As expected of the Three Good Listeners. Dan, Uzuki, and though to a lesser extent, even Ukyou… you’ve done a good job listening to me. You guys are kind.

「And so, the protagonist and his friends are all pretty capable to begin with, but after reincarnation all gain cheat-class abilities. It’s a story about these guys making use of these abilities, parading round the world!」

-I said with a smug face.[6]


In this atmosphere where everyone was silent, one person opened their mouth.

「You’ve really been influenced by recent anime.」

Ryuutarou hit the nail on the head.

「 th..that’s n, not true?」


Your eyes are scary. Your eyes are scary, Ryuutarou. Have you obtained the 「Intimidation」skill or something? Though, in the face of Ryuutarou’s skill I continued resolutely.

「Anyway, is anyone on board with my idea!?」

I had no hope of a positive response, but I decided to ask anyway.

「Maaaybe? Depends on how you make it.」

「「「I think it’s fine.」」」

The game production group agreed unanimously. I was prepared to have to start over, but it was easily settled.

Well… perhaps they were all passing the buck to me somewhat. Even so, I was a little happy that my idea was accepted, and so with this joyous momentum, I called out to the others.

「Okay! So it’s decided then! Tomorrow, we’ll all meet at my house.」

The five of them nod silently. With this, our project will finally get off the ground. I hope it goes well. I still have some uncertainties, but at least we’re taking the first step towards something new.

「Now then, it’s about time to head to class no?」

At Gakuto’s suggestion, we all stood up and made our way to the dish storage area together; and having returned our dirty dishes, left the cafeteria. Looking at the clock it was now 12:50 in the afternoon. The next class was starting in 10 minutes, so I was about to pick up my pace when the floor suddenly began to shake.

「An earthquake?」

Just as I was thinking this, the shaking intensified. The whiteboards along the corridor swayed violently, with some even coming off the walls. Several vending machines in the corner also toppled over.

Even then the shaking continued to intensify with no sign of letting up. We all crouched down on the floor.

「Ryuutarou help me-! I can’t bear it!」

「Calm down!」

Seeing Ryuutarou comforting a panicking Uzuki, I too called out to the others.

「Is everyone okay?!」

「It’s really shaking eh?」

Gakuto was desperately crawling on the ground, face down. Looking around, Dan, Gakuto and Ukyou were desperately trying to get away from this place. A loud scream echoed from the wide lobby on the floor below, yet still the shaking got more violent.

And then, disaster. The floor where we were lying cracked, creating a huge fissure, as if the university were cut in two.

「Eh?! For real?! You’ve gotta be fuckin kidding me right??!!」

We crawled on the floor, struggling to get away from the widening hole. Everyone else was surely doing the same. Yet such struggling was so impotent in the face of such a disaster, It was surely just a matter of time before we fell in. Oh no… my hands are numb. I’m at my limit.


Shin was dangling at the entrance of the hole, desperately enduring the shaking. This was a really bad situation.

「You okay?! Grab hold!!」

Just as I reached my hand out to him, the cliff right next to me finally collapsed, unable to withstand the tremors. …..Along with Uzuki and Ryuutarou.


Their voices rang out as they were sucked into the darkness of the deep, deep hole. It happened almost instantly. Are they dead? The moment I thought that, I looked over to Shin.

「This aint happening…」

Shin was no longer there.

Why…?! He was there just a second ago…

The next thing I knew, I was the only one around.

Gakuto… Ukyou…. even Dan….

I felt nothing but despair. Until a moment ago, everyone was alive. We were all just living a normal life. And yet…. why?!

As I realised my vision going black, I felt the strength leave my hands. Aah… I’m… going to die…. even though it’s far too soon.

Ah… I still have a lot of things I need to do. I finally have a goal in mind, only to not be able to achieve it. I haven’t even thanked my family yet.

Also, before dying, I at least wanted to graduate from virginity. It would’ve been nice to have a girlfriend…. If I’m reborn, I’ll get rid of this bad status[7] ASAP. Ah… the one I had hidden in my closet…. I forgot to destroy it. Ah, well, let’s just forget about it all. My hands are at their limit anyway.

If I’m reborn, I want to become a ‘person who fulfils all their wishes’…… and also, it’d be nice to be born in a game like world… haha..

Goodbye, world…

I let go.

As my consciousness fades, I hear the cold voice of a woman.

Ara? What perfect timing. Your soul seems to fit this vessel perfectly. While we’re at it, let’s send over those other children you were with too. Children of man, I shall grant your wish. I entrust to you all the affairs of this world. 」

As the voice in my head disappeared, my vision lit up for a moment and then turned to darkness.

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[1] Donburi (どんぶり) means rice bowl. If you don’t know this dish, you need to go eat at a Japanese restaurant.

[2] Kansai-ben is a distinctive dialect of Japanese often spoken in the Kansai region (Osaka, Kyoto, Nara etc). In anime its often spoken by the outgoing, money-minded girl who isn’t local. Also stereotypically used by the comic character. (Osaka people are stereotyped as money minded and jokesters)

[3] Karaage (唐揚げ) is a Japanese style fried chicken. So Karaage Donburi is fried chicken with Rice. Eg:

[4] Seiyuu (声優) are the voice actors of Anime, who are just as famous and popular as pop or movie stars in the west.

[5] If you don’t know what this word means, I feel sorry for you. Please go educate yourself on Wikipedia

[6] Doya-gao – eg here

[7] A Japanglish word – Or in English gamer terms, debuff.

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  1. Thanks for the Translation!

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    Also, since when was knowledge of anime considered a specialty ?!

    Anyway… putting Japanese into the conversation is definitely a good idea. It’s fun to learn Japanese little by little (I’ll give up on kanji tho).

    1. Well I think it’s MC lacking self confidence. He doesn’t think he’s good at anything.
      As for knowledge of anime being a speciality.. i dunno, but thats the term the author used. I guess its a useful for socialising? Or in the case of those two, they go into pretty in depth discussions, so it is a knowledge speciality of sorts? I know, i’m kinda reaching here, but just trying to make sense of the author’s choice of words.

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