Chapter 11.5: Intermission – Kelt’s Female Circumstances

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It’s time to talk about the genderswap!! (〃ω〃)

TN: Mouseover the conversations to read the romaji!

That night, having returned to my room at the inn, I stood alone in front of a mirror, fidgeting. Naturally, having transformed from a man into a girl, I was feeling rather uneasy about my own body. Alone in my room, I used this opportunity to once again examine my new body.

I had a slender body with shoulders so small they might just be crushed if hugged; smooth, snow white skin; and long white hair. This body is practically a carbon copy template of genderswap tropes, yet it’s still a little embarrassing to see myself in this body.

「I really have become a girl huh…..」

The first thing one does upon transforming from male to female is…… Yup, touch your new breasts!! An act absolutely any boy would do…. but I never thought a time would come when I would do it. Of course, in all my years, I’d never once touched a girl’s body, and my heart was pounding in anticipation.

Steeling my resolve, I grabbed hold of my own breasts.


Giving my breasts a rub, I was rather disappointed to find that I was even flatter than expected; but when I touched them, the fabric of my clothes rubbed against the tips of my breasts. Feeling slightly ticklish, I let out a strange sound involuntarily.

Ooh, that’s dangerous. If someone else heard me make such sounds, I’ll just die.


As far as my upper body is concerned, that’ll do for now. As for my lower half…. well… my crotch still doesn’t feel right. Previously, the proof of my manhood was attached, but now that it’s gone, I’m off my game[1].

Wearing a skirt is rather airy, even a little chilly down there; and going to the toilet is just…… aaah!! Just remembering it is making me all embarrassed!!

Wait…. am I gonna…. have girl’s days?

….. No, let’s not think about that….

Even the shirt I borrowed from Sarah feels strange around the chest, and as for the pantsu…. it’s so weird to have my butt squeezed like that. Do girls always wear such tight underwear? That time after our bath when Sarah caught me staring intently at the panties she lent was so embarrassing, I wanted to just crawl into a hole. What an awful memory.

I guess this is just another thing I’m gonna have to get used to huh…..

These are the sort of thoughts that went through my mind as I agonised over the reality of my having become a girl.

「I wonder…. Can I really do this….? Will everyone still accept me….?」

Though I tend to worry about a lot of things, what worried me the most was how my friends would view me. Earlier in front of everyone I had put on a brave face, and full of positively just went “Welp, I’ve turned into a girl now! Can’t do anything about it!” or something like that, but now that I think about it just how am I supposed behave?

「Should I try to change the way I walk?  Maybe like this…?」

I got up from the bed, and looking in the mirror tried to imitate the way the pretty girls I’d seen walk. Seeing that the figure reflected in the mirror was rather pretty herself, I started getting a little enthusiastic.

「Hmm?  Maybe…. I can actually pull this off?」

As I was in the midst of this weird training, the door suddenly opened.

「Kelt–! You awake…huh?」


My eyes meet with Yusihirs’. He had the face of a stunned pigeon[2]. I on the other hand stood frozen mid-way through my girly stride, with a stiff expression on my face.


Saying that, Yushiris started backing away slowly, while closing the door. I hurriedly stopped him from leaving.

「Wait! Why the hell are you acting like a mother who walked in on her son doing something she shouldn’t see?!! Just come in damn it!!」

….and I somehow managed to grab Yushiris in time and pulled him into the room.

「…so? What’s the matter, coming at this hour?」

「Nah, just that everyone’s asleep. I was just wondering if you were awake.」

「I see. Say, Yushiris」

「Yea? What’s up?」

「Well, there’s something I’ve been meaning to ask… now a good time?」

「What is it? No need to hold back. Just say it.」

Iore…. turned into a girl… you don’t find it unpleasant?」

「…Haa~ah? What the hell are ya sayin?」

「No, ya know… will everyone still accept me now that I’more like this…」

Yushiris remained silent for a bit, before turning to face me.

「It doesn’t matter what you look like. As long as your memories are the same, you are still you. It’s probably true that we’re all surprised you turned into a girl, but ultimately it just means that Kei is Kelt, and Kelt is Kei! We’ve been friends for all this time, and we’ve always accepted you for who you are. Of course we’ll still accept you even as a girl.」

Yushiris’ words touched my heart so strongly it nearly brought tears to my eyes. But I held them back and turned to face him with a smile.

ehehe…. Thank goodness.」

「Ah! That’s it right there! 」

「Huh? What?」

「You! Your adaptability to behave like a girl is too damn high! You can’t just start using things like “ehehe” from the very start–!!」

「Is that so ….」

「Yea it is… It’s as if your previous form was fake」

「… Yushiris–♡」
-saying that I hug him from behind, being sure to press my small breasts into him for emphasis.

「Do–!!! STOP IT!!!!」

Yushiris’ face turns red as he tries to shake me off.

Being a girl is fun. Also, men are really simple!!
With this, I at least have some reason to feel glad for having turned into a girl.

I’ll accept this body and live my life to the fullest in this world.

TN: With this the prologue arc is finally over! Thank’s for sticking with me so far. The real story only gets started from Chapter 12 onwards, so things will finally begin to pickup from here 🙂

[1] The exact phrase used is バランス調整がつかめない (baransu chosei ga tsukamenai), where baransu chosei is an MMO term referring to game rebalancing. The phrase lit. means “I can’t get a grasp/ get used to things, after the game rebalance.”
If you can suggest a better way to translate it, please write in the comments.

[2] The expression is: looks like a “pigeon hit by a peashooter”. Basically a stunned face due to surprise.

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    What happened between Japanese and pantsu?
    No matter what series they are in, they always think of pantsu (male or female) as sacred objects (Watch Mushoku Tensei).

    I really can’t understand this thing. Or I’m the weird one?

    1. its just a major fetish / source of humour in japanese media. Not sure how obsessed actual japanese people are compared to what its shown as in Manga. Also Mushoku Tensei is a poor example. Rudues is a pervert. He himself says so. Thats why he worships Roxy’s panties.

      Plus he really really holds Roxy in a high regard, and thats the only thing left he has from her. The pendant (which he gave to Ruijerd), the wand (which Sylphie took) and the panties, kept safe by Lilia.

  2. Thanks for the chapter, and happy Easter to those who celebrate!

    Ah, yes, the best perk of being turned into a girl: messing with your friends.

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