Chapter 11: Our Destiny Henceforth

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Q: Just what are ‘Ryoshin’ and ‘Jashin’?

A: ‘Ryoshin’ are gods that seek to preserve the balance and equilibrium of this world. Some of them focus on the the welfare of humankind, while others value power and are focused on polishing their skills.

‘Jashin’ are beings who abuse their powers for evil and seek to disrupt the balance of the world.


Furukawa Kei -> Kelt

Sano Uzuki -> Yushiris

Masuoka Ryuutarou -> Euvis.

Okada Gakuto -> Gakuto

Mitsuya Dan -> Dan

Anobu Shin -> Ama

TN: Please keep in mind that for the most part, Kelt uses watashi (♀) when speaking but ore (♂) during internal monologue. The other guys use ore unless using polite speech, so I’ll only be indicating the pronoun for Kelt.

Mouseover the conversations to read the romaji!

After our bath, we all sat down together for dinner, and perhaps because everyone was exhausted, the guys all went to bed right after. As for me, I went up to Elma-san’s room, as she requested. Naturally, my heart was beating like crazy. Being a man on the inside, even I’m prone to strange delusions. Only after I had calmed my nerves and my trembling hand settled down, did I open the door to Elma-san’s room.

Inside, Elma-san was sat on a chair. Sitting upon the table before her was a large crystal ball like object.

「Umm, Elma-san, you wanted to see me?」

「Ah, Kelt-chan, thank you for coming. Well then, please sit here.」

At Elma-san’s invitation, I sat down on the empty chair that faced her.

「Actually, you may be surprised to learn that I also do fortune telling. If you’re willing, I was hoping to use my powers of divination to help guide you towards the next step of your journey. 」

「Fortune telling? Just what sort of things can you see?」

「Well, since you’re unsure of how to proceed from here on, though it may be vague, I can offer some hints on where you should head to next on your journey!  Other than that, I can also look into your future or destiny.」

「Wow that’s amazing! But why mewatashi?」

「I just have a feeling that it’ll with you it’ll be successful.」

「’Successful’? You mean it could also fail?」

「Well not exactly fail, but sometimes the things seen could end up being too vague for a regular person to make sense of. That’s why sometimes after reading fortunes, there are those whose fortunes seem unintelligible and they end up not believing in fortune telling itself.」

Elma-san had a slightly sad look on her face. She was doing this for the benefit of others, yet no one believed her.

I think I understood just how much this pained her.

「Don’t worry Elma-san! I know you’re doing this for ourwatashi-tachi sake, so no matter how unintelligible it may be, I’ll do my best to decipher it!」
-I said, patting my chest.

「Kelt-chan…. Thank you.」

Elma’s expression brightened, and she held her hand out over the crystal ball.

「Then, I shall begin.」

「Please do.」

Elma-san took a deep breath, then a blue aura appeared all around her.

「『Destiny Eye』」[1]

As she murmured this, the crystal ball began to glow brightly. I turned away, unable to withstand the glare.

After a short while, the light faded and Elma-san stared into the crystal ball.

「I see it」

「What do you see?」

「In the lands of the north lies a great city, where something deeply connected to you is nearly within the grasp of people who emanate an aura of evil. There you shall encounter a great ordeal, and overcoming it, you shall have an audience with one linked to heaven.」

Lands of the north? Something connected to us? A great ordeal?

Perhaps the ‘lands of the north’ refers to the nation that Sarah told us about.

Though I’ve no idea about the other two things.

「*Phew*….. that is the end of the prophecy. 」

「Thank you very much.」

「This is amazing! No one before this ever received such a clear prophecy! I’d never expected to receive whole sentences! Were you able to understand it?」

「Hmmmm, well there are some things that I don’t understand, but what’s clear is that I should go to the country in the north.」

「I’m sorry it isn’t easier to understand…」

Elma-san became dispirited.

「No, not at all!! I’m simply lacking the ability to decipher it!! But, simply knowing that I should go north is already a great help!! Thank you very much.」

Elma smiled at my words. Her smile was even more dazzling that the light from the crystal ball. However, there was one thing that bothered me.

「Elma-san, may I ask you one thing?」

「Of course~, what is it?」

「Elma-san, do you have some sort of power?」

Hearing that, Elma-san looked surprised.

「Why makes you think it’s a ‘power’? 」


Is it okay for me to reveal that we are holders of special unique skills like ‘Special Specs’?

I was at a loss for words momentarily.

「Could it be… Kelt-chan, you too?」

Unable to lie, I nodded lightly.

「I see…… but now it all makes sense.」

「What does?」

「Well because it seems impossible for you to have survived the Forest of the Lost without any equipment, I’d thought it all rather strange, but now that I know the truth I’m glad. 」

Elma looked relieved. Even I felt a little less nervous now.

「This is the same sort of power used by the gods. My power is called『Soothsayer: Spiritual』[2]. This power is known as a [Special Spec], something that is said to be able to change the world. However my powers are simply for fortune telling, and I don’t think it can be used to hurt anyone. But you see, if used wrongly, this power can also be a terrible thing. That it why I use my power carefully, keeping that in mind. 」

Elma-san looked right into my eyes, as she spoke with very serious expression.

「Also, no matter what your powers are, I do not want you to use your powers carelessly or for the wrong reasons. I do not want what happened to my husband, to happen to anyone else ever.」

「Elma-san…. the truth is, I’m not the only one who has powers. All of us do. But, the others don’t seem to be aware of just how powerful their abilities are….」

When I said that, Elma-san put her hand on my cheek and smiled.

「That’s for the best. The scariest moment is when a person who has powers realises the true capabilities of such powers. It is only once they realise it that their true nature, whether they are good or evil, is revealed. I can tell that you are, at the very least, someone who is inclined towards good. Thus, as long as you support and guide your friends, things will be okay. 」


「It’s okay to not be aware of it.」

I think I understand what Elma-san is trying to tell me; just how dangerous these ‘Special Specs’ can be, and that powers should be used to benefit others.

「There is one last thing I must tell you.」

「What is it?」

Elma-san then gently embraced me. Even without the need for any special powers, I could feel the strength of her thoughts. Then, Elma-san said quietly-
「Do your best.」[3]

「I will.」
-I replied gently.

「Thank you for today. It was fun. Please have a good rest tonight.」

With a bow, I thanked Elma­-san, and returned to my room.

Then I got into my futon[4].

I will never forget that face of Elma-san’s, or those words she said to me. I swear to god…..

Come the morning, it was time to prepare for the start of our adventure.

「Good Morning♪」

Sarah came into my room with a smile as bright as the morning sun.

「Morning, Sarah.」

「Kelt-chan! Mom’s asked me to call everyone over! It seems she has some things she wants to give y’all.」

Elma-san wants to give us something? What could it be?

「Got it. Please tell Elma-san that I’ll be right there. 」


I immediately woke up the sleepyheads and we gathered where Elma-san was waiting for us.

「You are all leaving today, aren’t you?」

「Yes. I’ve already told everyone where we need to head to.」

「The northern city-state Morkia, yes? Actually, I have a favour to ask of you.」

「What is it?」

「The truth is I’m tied up here with work, so I’m sending Sarah to Morika to go buy some things in my stead. If you don’t mind, could I trouble you to accompany her there and back?」

「You wan’t us to accompany Sarah?」

Hearing that, Dan whispers into my ear from behind-
「*Tha’s totally okeh! They’v looked after us, so we ought’a at least do this for em*」

Just from their faces I could tell that everyone was in agreement, so the decision was made instantly.

「You can count on us!」

With an exceptionally brilliant smile, Sarah gratefully accepted our help.

「Yaaayy~! Thank youuu!」

「Really? Oh thank you so much♪! Also I have something for you. 」

Saying such, Elma-san pulled out a large wooden box from behind the receiption desk. Inside were some men’s lightweight traveller’s clothes and some simple weapons.

「What are those?」

「My husband used to run an equipment shop. These are some of the things he had for sale, but we no longer have a use for them, so if you’d like please take them.」

「You’re even giving us gear?!」

「It’s not much though.」

First free loding, and now she’s even giving us equipment…. I’ll have to properly thank her one day.

「「「「「Thank you very much!!!!」」」」」

Each of them began to choose their preferred equipment.

「I’ll take this long sword and this traveller’s clothes!」

「For me it’s this slightly shorter sword and this outfit.」

「Hmmm… I’ll have this knife. Also these yellow clothes.」

「I wonder if I should take this bow and arrow?」

「I’ll take….. let’s see… Will this lump of iron do the trick? 」

「「「「Lump of iron????」」」」

Yushiris, Euvis, Ama, Dan and Gakuto had earch made their choice. Eh? What about me?

「Kelt-chya~an, for you I have this♪」

Elma-san gave me a leather cloak and a lightweight leather breastplate; the sort of easy to move in equipment a female warrior might wear, and also a dagger.

「What’s this?」

「This is something I made. I added some light armouring to some regular girl’s clothes. Please take it if you like.」

「Ha..Handmade?! Just for me…… Thank you so much!! I’ll definitely repay this debt of gratitude one day!!!!」

We all changed in to our new clothes and head outside. The clear blue sky was so beautiful, it seemed to be welcoming us on the start of our journey.

「Morika is not that far from here, so if you head north you should be able to get there easily. All of you, Please take care. I leave Sarah in your care.」

「Bye Mom! See you soon!」

As we walked, Elma-san continued to wave goodbye to us with a smile on her face for as long as we could see here. As the inn gradually faded from sight, I remembered her words from last night.

I…… I’llWatashi do my best….

Yoroshiku ne, everyone!」[5]

「Yea! I’m Yushiris. Once again, it’s nice to meet you.」

「I’m Euvis. Yoroshiku.」

「Muh name’s Dan! Let’s get along!」

「It’s nice to meet you. I’m Gakuto.」

「Yo, I’m Ama.」

I’mWatashi Kelt! Let’s get along from now on yea!」

「Yup! Yoroshiku onegaishimasu♪!」[6]

As she smiled, the wind blowing across the meadow made Sarah’s blonde hair flutter.

And beyond, lies our next destination.

From this point on, our journey where we’re ignorant of our abilities began in earnest.

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[1] The Kanji for this skill name is unmei yosoku (運命予測) which means “Fate Prediction”, while the katakana is “Destiny Eye”

[2] The kanji for this power is uranai jutusha (占術者) which means “person who uses fortune telling powers”. The katakana is “Spiritual”

[3] The words “ganbaru no yo” in this situation could alternatively be interpreted as “Hang in there” or similar. I’m not sure which one is more appropriate. Let me know in the comments what you think.

[4] A futon is a type of foldable bed+mattress that is placed on the floor when you want to sleep. It is very common in Japan. It’s probably more widely used in Japan then standard beds.

[5] In this situation yoroshiku means something along the lines of “I’ll be in your care” and “let’s get along”, rather than “nice to meet you”. I was finding it hard to translate, so figured it’s best to put it as is.

[6] And in this case Sarah is using the full formal form- yoroshiku onegaishimasu = nice to meet you all + let’s get along.

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