Chapter 14: A Trade

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「Fairy’s Wings? What’s that?」

I had absolutely no idea what that item was. The only thing I could tell was that it had something to do with fairies and that it was extremely valuable. I’d read about fairies in books. They were a major race that often appeared in many fantasy worlds.

「Oh, you do not know of Fairy Wings?? Northwest of here is a forest known as the ‘Fairy Garden’, where elves and faeries[1] and other such fairy-kin dwell.  All you need to do is head there and take the wings of a fairy or two and return. A simple matter is it not? 」

Zeni threw away the cigarette in his mouth and put a new one in.

「And just what are you going to do with those Fairy Wings if I give them to you?」

「Why I’ll turn it into money of course!! Fairy Wings are in high demand on the black market. That is because fairies are a race with strong magical power. You can extract a tremendous amount of magical power from their wings. However it’s forbidden for humans to trade in Fairy Wings, which makes them very hard to obtain. Nonetheless, there are people who want it and are willing to pay for it, and I intend to sell it to them. Now do you understand?」

From the explanation it’s obvious that this deal is highly illegal. And naturally the fairies are living beings too. They’re clearly telling us to forcibly take the wings of fairies, which are probably the very representation of their lives. In other words their basically telling us to go rob them. I haven’t forgotten the promise I made to Elma-san. I’d already decided that I won’t needlessly hurt anyone, no matter what race they are of. However, if we refuse this deal here and now, let alone Sarah and Ukyou, even we may not leave here safely. I thought about it for a while, then made my decision.

「Alright, I just need to bring you that right? However I have a condition. Naturally you understand that I can’t hand it over right now, yes? In other words, I need some time. Until we’ve completed this task, I want to be sure that absolutely harm will come to those two.」

Zeni finally laughed.

「Aah. As long as you can actually bring me the good stuff. Good~! We have an accord!!! I’ll be eagerly awaiting your return, dear customer.」

Having accepted the deal, we were allowed to leave the place. And then it was time for us to think about our next move.

「Damn it-!! I couldn’t do a damn thing…」

Yushiris bit his lips, expressing his regret.

「Yushiris, don’t be depressed. I’m the one who held you back. None of us were able to do anything. Aaah… I should have used my powers back then.」

No, you’re wrong Euvis. If we’d carelessly used our powers just now and blundered, they may have come at us with full force, knowing we have special powers. It was the right decision to hold back just now. Though I didn’t say it out loud.

「At any rate, let’s take stock of our current situation. Right now, we’re kinda like people who’re deeply in debt and we’ve been requested to procure an item called ‘Fairy Wings’ eh….. Also, we need to head to a forest northwest of this city to get it from the fairies… We have to acquire it no matter what, by force if necessary…. This will likely be quite to be quite a difficult problem to solve. 」

「Yea, it’s just as Gakuto says. It aint like them fairies are just gonna be all “ here ya go” and  just handover sum’in that represents their lives…」

Seeing as our discussion wasn’t getting us anywhere, I made a decision.

「There’s just no point thinking about it anymore!! If we keep hesitating like this, the sun’s going to set. We won’t know how to get it until we see it for ourselves. Nothing’s going to happen unless we get a move on!! Let’s just go to the Fairy Garden.」

「Even if we fail, we can at least pay our homage to the Elf nē-sans and come back.」

That’s the spirit, Yushiris.


「Next time let’s use our powers.」


Well…. so long as our power’s aren’t revealed….

And so we decided to head to a nearby provision store to prepare for our trip. Upon entering, I saw various herbs hanging about, along with some bottles of beautiful blue liquid lined up – exactly like an RPG equipment store to be. Incidentally, I figured we might as well try asking for some information about the Fairy Garden.

「Cominggg-!  Irasshai!

The person who greeted me was an oba-chan whose looked great wearing a triangle bandanna on her head.

「Excuse me, do you sell anything that can be used to heal wounds?」

「Only as far as some herbs and low potions I’m afraid~ are you going off on a trip somewhere?」

Yup! I want to head over to the Fairy Garden.

When the oba-chan heard that, her eyes became as round as saucers.

「Did you just say the Fairy Garden?! Why on earth are you lot going to a place like that?!」

「Well we have a certain situation…. why are you so surprised?」

「The Fairy Garden is a place filled with powerful monsters wandering around!! With the exception of the knights’ Research Squadron, no one else would typically venture to such a place! 」

I see. In terms of difficulty, it would seem that area is on the high side.

「Well, if you’re going, be careful okay? I’ll give you six sets of Low Potions and these herbs for just 100G, so be sure to come back safely okay?」

Thank you, oba-chan!!

When I activated The System and thought of 100G, a single gold coin suddenly appeared in my hand.

「Thank you for your custom!!」

Leaving the store, I divided up the low potions and herbs and put my share into my inventory. And, when I checked The System, the item list had been updated accordingly. At the same time, I also noticed a new thing called 『Map』listed in the interface. When I opened the 『Map』, an illustration of the whole of Morika appeared. Naturally it also showed my position, and information of the surrounding area.

「Ama, was there always this ‘map’ function?」

「You mean you never noticed it before?」

「Yea, you mean you did?」

「Yea. Well done for not having gotten lost thus far.」

「Next time tell me about these kinda things!!」

To have such a convenient function, it kinda reminds me of smartphones from our old world. Still, with this we won’t get lost looking for the Fairy Garden. For now, lets spend the night in the grasslands outside Morika and make our way towards the Fairy Garden tomorrow. The oba-chan at the provision shop told us the place was full of powerful monsters, so let’s get an early rest. It’s going to be a while, so hang in there Sarah. Oh, and Ukyou too.

Thus, we headed for our next destination – the 『Fairy Garden』, in order to save our friends.

TN: This chapter was a little shorter than normal. I’m wondering why Euvis didn’t use his timekeeper skill to freeze time, and then just take that trap switch away or something. Perhaps they aren’t quite ready to use their powers against people yet. They’d probably need to kill the slavers to get away from them…

[1] In the RAW the author refers to the race as feari (in katakana), whereas the grouping that also includes elves as yosei (妖精). I will translate the yosei race as ‘fairy-kin’, and leave the species feari as ‘faerie’ to distinguish them. However the place is called yosei no hane (fearigaaden), so I leave the name as ’Fairy Garden’

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  1. Yeah this does seem a little silly and… contrived….
    Even outside of stopping time, lightning shocks would be enough to put them out of commission at enough power….

    1. while the time manipulation skill is the only one they have that doesn’t involve hurting people. I think its fair to say they aren’t ready to hurt or kill people yet. Shooting lightning at people would definitely kill them.

    2. Yeah, I definitely wasn’t expecting them to just… be okay with slavers kidnapping their friend and just give into demands like that.

    1. usually people like these are already bribing guards and have their own channels. They may even be connected to powerful nobles or something. I definitely wouldn’t suggest going to the guards until you have a through grasp of the situation

  2. This whole subplot is so contrived and ridiculous. There’s absolutely no reason to go along with the slavers demands and there is no reason fir the slavers to let them go. Even forgetting about their absurd powers, they could just go to the guards. This is making me seriously question whether I should continue reading it or not…

    1. we’ll I’d say hang in there. The story is generally entertaining, but you need to turn your brain off every now and then. The author’s setup leaves much to be desired, but just take this as light reading for casual entertainment.

  3. For the guard suggestion I was going based on the fact that those kids come from our world in which case they would have been taught to trust cops, which are the government authority(guards) in our age, and they’ve already been proven to effectively do stupid things happy go lucky like, so I was expecting that they would just go to the guards and they wouldn’t be corrupt because plot armor or that the corrupt guard(s) would just be dealt with somehow.

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