Chapter 15: Early Morning Raid

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TN: This chapter has more footnotes than normal. Please be sure to take a look at them! In some cases it’s because I wasn’t quite sure of how to express it in English. If you can think of better alternatives to my translation, please suggest it in the comments.

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With the goal of heading for the 『Fairy Garden』, we left Morika, made camp in the grasslands outside, and turned in early for the night in preparation for tomorrow’s outing. While everyone else was asleep, I stepped a little distance away to do some experimenting, so that I’d be prepared for any possible eventuality. I was looking to master my power – [The Creator]. To start off with, I tried using the skills I’d acquired thus far.

First, [Wind Domination]. As I focused my mind, winds gathered around me, and a strong gusts began to blow. I imagined a vortex in my mind, and the next moment, a tornado appeared before my eyes.

<<The following skills were acquired by utilising [Wind Domination]>>

Applied Skill : [Tornado Blade][1]

Power: Small – Large

Effect: Generates a tornado that cuts through the target using wind pressure.

I realised something. Skills like [Wind Domination] are used to create to other skills based on its abilities. In other words it’s the foundation skillset used to create ‘Basic Skills’. Skills that are derived from ‘basic skills’, such as [Raging Winds] are called ‘Superior Skills’. Basic skills are extremely difficult to learn, so much that you can pretty much only have them via Special Specs. ‘Applied Skills’ are acquired by applying the abilities Basic Skills. In other words applied skills are a technique of sorts. Thus if you have basic skills, you can create all kinds of techniques based on your own ideas and your ability to apply the basic skill.

With just a little training, I’d made this discovery. So it would seem a chuunibyou[2] way of thinking, born from reading too much manga and light novels, is extremely useful in this world. It’d be easy to acquire knowledge thinking this way. Well that’s fine and all, but the problem is my power. I’ve no idea how to use this power of mine called [Ability Create]. I tried many times to activate it, but The System would throw up an error every time, and thus far I just haven’t been able to get it to activate. However it has activated once or twice, so I know that I’m able to use it. There must be some activation conditions that I’m not aware of. I just need to figure out what it is.

I tried many things. Shouting out loud, begging The System while doing a dogeza[3], rolling around on the grass like I’m throwing a tantrum… and each time The System threw up an error.

「If even that doesn’t work, it’s pointless to keep trying…」

Let’s just shelve this for the time being.

The sky is starting to get bright. Let’s head back before the guys wake up. And just when I was about to leave this place, I spotted 4 or 5 people running towards me from across the grasslands. Something came flying at my from their direction, which I narrowly dodged.

「What the hell? A throwing knife?」

Checking the object that was hurled at me, it was indeed a small knife for throwing. It seems it’d been thrown from that distance. Before I knew it, I was surrounded by five men.

You’rekisama the one on the kill list? Hmm… a girl eh….」

「Who’re you guys?」

「We’re just the guys who were hired to kill you and your henchmen. Well, sorry I guess, but a job’s a job.」

Each of them had a weapon in their hand. As for their equipment…  With a quick glance I spotted just some cheap short swords, and they were just wearing some light clothes that given their mobility, didn’t have any defensive capability. Not something that could be called armour. Still, to be able to accurately throw a knife from that distance meant they were quite skilled. I took out my kodachi[4] that was by my waist and took a sword stance.

「Let’s get her!」

One of the men face off with me. Though he’s using a short sword, my weapon is a kodachi, meaning he has the advantage of reach. All I could do was dodge his strikes. It might be a good idea to use my powers here, but if I failed to take em’ all out at one go, I’ll just end up informing them of my abilities. Plus, these guys are human. I’d have to kill humans. Can I do that?

As I was thinking about that, three other guys jumped into the fray. With the increased number of opponents attacks to fend off, I’m quickly getting exhausted. This is no time to be thinking about killing or not. Either I kill them or they’ll kill me.


One of the men’s short sword appeared right above me. I blocked it with my kodachi, but was blown away by the force and knocked off balance. This is bad. I’d only practiced using my skills, neglecting to train with the sword. The result was clearly showing here. I should’ve practiced at least a little.

Damn it. Trying to act all tough, not using my skills n all, only to be taken by surprise. I’m in trouble. Though I might beat them with my skill does this mean that their far superior as far as martial technique goes? Perhaps if I were as proficient as them I could have won.


It happened right at the moment the man was about to slash my neck. Perhaps it was because I wished from the bottom of my heart that I had more skill with my weapon. At that moment, The System responded.

<<Your fervent wish[5] has been confirmed.>>

And in that instant, I parried the man’s sword and smoothly sliced his neck in one swift motion. Blood spurted from his neck onto my silver hair, dying it red. The other men were shaken, and in their momentary lapse, I instantly slashed the necks of all the other men, like a swift gale. The sheer speed at which I annihilated all of them totally surprised me. Truly like a flash of lightning[6].

The ground where I was training, just a short while ago, was now dyed with the blood of the men I just killed. This was my first time killing people, yet I felt no guilt. Catching my breath, I was gazing at the dead, when The System alerted me.

<<The following skills have been acquired by way of [Ability Create] >>

Everyday Skill : [Swordsmanship : Pinnacle][7].

Effect: Excellence in proficiency when handling any kind of sword-type weapon. The ‘Pinnacle’ version of this skill reflects the ability of those who have rigorously pursued the path of the sword until they have attained the ultimate apex of swordsmanship.

「The skill activated?」

I had no idea when this skill activated. But, at that moment when I was about to be killed, I felt something burst forth from within me. Surely that was the moment….. Aah, I don’t know. Anyway, I decided to head back to where the others were.

When I returned to camp, sure enough, everyone had woken up.

「Hey~ you guys~!」

As I got close, I got the sense that events were going to be stacking up.

「Kelt?! Why the hell are you covered in blood?!!」

「Yushiris, actually all you guys should hear this. Just now I was having a look around there when I was suddenly attacked by some hitmen, probably hired by Zeni. I killed them all though…」

「O…Oh…. You weren’t around ‘cuz ya’d gone off to go have’a look around. An’ it happened to you too? Actually Kelt-chan, we were attacked as well.」

Behind Dan were some men wearing the same kind of outfit as the hitmen I’d fought.

「Well, in our case we had the Euvis-Ama combo punish em’ with a good ZAP o’ electricity.」

They were attacked too? And it seems they used their powers to fight off the attackers. The corpses had smoke and a burnt smell coming off them.

「Thank goodness you’re safe. But you shouldn’t carelessly use your powers too much. If our trump cards are exposed, they’ll probably take steps to deal with that.」

I couldn’t tell them that it was because we had ultimate god-tier powers, so I called attention to the fact that we had to be weary of Zeni and his people.

「Well there were a lot of people, this was the quickest way to deal with it. I think it was a reasonable course of action.」

Well Ama’s not wrong, but these aren’t normal skills, so I’d really prefer if you tried to hide it more….

「I don’t know if they were trying to sabotage us, or just test our capabilities, but anyway from here on we need to be more careful.」

「You’re absolutely right, Gakuto. Anyway, we ought to get moving.」

Somehow the immediate threat was gone, but anything could happen, at any time. I’ll have to do more research on my skills from time to time. And I need to figure out how to make use of my power as quickly as possible.

I wiped off the blood from my hair and clothes with a piece of cloth, and under the sunshine, we set off towards our destination.

TN: Another short chapter. Personally I think Kelt should have felt something after killing people. Even the guys seemed kinda blase about the whole affair. Also I would’ve thought Kelt would at least want to have a wash. Merely wiping off the blood is still going to make you feel icky after awhile.

[1] 風刃竜巻 – lit “Wind blade tornado”, but given the description of the skill, I felt “tornado blade” was more apt.

[2] A colloquial Japanese term, often (stupidly/wrongly) translated as “eighth grade syndrome” is used to describe people with delusions of grandeur like having special powers and imagining they are some fantasy character you’d read in Manga.

[3] Dogeza is a Japanese cultural thing where one prostrates on the floor with the head touching the ground. It is seen as the ultimate act in lowering oneself, such as begging or apologizing. Dogeza is usually something quite humiliating to do in modern times, unless in very specific situations that actually call for it.

[4] Previously I referred to Kelt’s weapon as a dagger, but here the kanji clearly states it’s a kodachi not merely a small blade as implied previously. A kodachi is an older form of Japanese short sword, from a time before the katana (standard ‘samurai sword’). See here for more info.

[5] The term used is kibo (希望) which means wish/aspiration or hope. It has a stronger meaning than the English word, in the sense that it indicates a very deep desire, a strong deep wish for something.

[6] The expression is shiden issen (紫電一閃) which means a flash of the sword, as fast as lightning.

[7] Previously when referring to Yuhsiris’ martial arts I described it as ‘ultimate’, but perhaps the term ‘pinnacle’ is more appropriate, as it reflects the very summit of skill you can achieve.

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13 thoughts on “Chapter 15: Early Morning Raid”

  1. Yeah the writing on this is just so… weird…
    “I shouldn’t expose my powers or they might take countermeasures, even if I’m in danger” “Do I have to kill these people who are trying to kill me?”
    Like… why even have powers… why bother doing anything, if they’re just going to keep attempting to abstain from being involved in the world…..

    1. hmm being nervous about killing people is a pretty normal way of thinking. if you’re immediately okay with killing people just because you got thrown into a fantasy world, I’d be very worried about your mental state.

      The thing about being afraid of exposing the powers also actually makes sense. You are new in the world, you don’t know anything about it and you don’t actually understand the nature and limit of your power, now do you know what others can do. So yea you should be careful. At the very least you dont want to become some pawn for kings or warlords. At worst carelessly showing off could get you killed

  2. Since I can’t reply directly to you mimisan:
    But they do kill, right here in this chapter, and are completely unaffected by it mentally, which makes it seem less like a normal aversion to killing and more a conscious devision to just not kill.

    And in the case of their powers… if they kill all the witnesses, who’s left to tell anyone…. plus they went ahead and used them now so I guess their cover is blown and the royal summons will be arriving promptly… it’s just a silly argument.

    1. changed the settings so people can now reply to replies. yes sit is strange that they arent affected by the killing. That’s what I’m saying. as if it’s a game. but also don’t mix up Kelt’s way of thinking (which to me seems perfectly rational, and the proper way to approach things) with the other guys. Also, there is a difference between being nervous about fighting and killing people BEFORE the act and not feeling anything AFTER. I mean it’s strange to not feel anything after your first kill ever, but its totally expected to be nervous before you commit the deed.

      On the other hand, the other guys are pretty much behaving like this some game.

  3. Alright time to break this down:
    the throwing knife. Why was there only one when there were four or five people. You want to confirm a kill? Increase the chance of the kill. For example in action movies like John wick they double tap to confirm the kill.

    kelt spotting the four or five people running at her. The two best times for a surprise attack on a plains are dusk and dawn because you can attack your target with the sun behind you. Most sword schools of today teach to always keep the sun behind you for a reason. This means they had the element of surprise against an inexperienced opponent, so frankly as soon as that knife was thrown kelt should have died. The human reaction speed is just too slow.
    The five guys talking to their target, Ok we know from this that these guys aren’t professionals.
    The time kelt has to prepare her weapon. Wasn’t this meant to be a surprise attack?
    The single guy attacking her while his buddies must do what? Stand around when they could be stabbing at her with their weapons?
    Kelt not using her powers against the men. This is simply confusion due to having her life targeted, though normally at this point the fight or flight instinct becomes flight and an average person runs for it so we’re already seeing kelt being changed by the world(my current theory about why she is so fine with killing when normally a person gains PTSD from their first kill)

    When she gets back to camp with blood all over herself and says she’s fine. First thing you do is force her to show her body to you to prove there are no cuts, dignity be damned, life matters more. If you want to know why I’d suggest the anime Akame GA kill as I can’t be bothered to go into it and they explain it pretty well.
    The guys being fine with killing. My theory of the world changing them is gaining traction.
    Wiping off the blood. Blood stains you know, even hair.
    And that’s my rant. Thank you for taking the time if you read it all the way through

  4. Forgot to mention the fact that four “skilled” men versus one unskilled girl when they have reach advantage and the guys still can’t kill her.
    Also did anyone else notice the fifth guy phase in and out of existence lol.

    1. pretty well thought out and good rant. overall good points Id say, but probably even the author isnt aware of some of the things you pointed out. Why would you go with the sun to your back to sneak up on someone? You’d cast a long shadow that they could see surely? Or are you referring to the glare from the rising sun, hiding your figure?

      Anyway i think the fifth guy just stood around uselessly. They don’t seem to be competent killers at all. Though why Kelt and gang continued on with their journey has me stumped. Id head right back to Morika and kill the bandits right away, now that they’re after you (surprise surprise).

      But then again they dont have the money to pay the entrance fee….

      1. Try reading it again and looking for where kelt takes out the fifth guy or where he runs away. The author literally just forgot there was a fifth guy during the fight.
        In regards to why you would want the sun behind your back that’s more for hiding the throwing knife and the fight those thugs were buying. And when I say that the sun behind your back is useful remember that this is a plains so a large open field with a 360 degree view, Meaning that sneaking up on someone is impossible hence surprise attack rather than sneak attack.

      2. 5 men appeared, one attacked, then 3 more jumped in. Then Kelt killed all of them. So 1 guy just stood around uselessly

    2. Just realized I’ve been using plains when it’s a grassland. There’s honestly no difference in how I’ve been using plains and how grassland is used but little things.

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