Chapter 16: Elf Rescue

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Having defeated the hit-men, we resumed our journey, and it has now been two days since we departed. We walked, and walked, then stopped briefly for a rest, then we walked some more. At sundown we camped out in the open. For food we worked together, gathering fallen fruits and nuts, and hunting animals like deer. It’s as if we’re participants in one of those survival TV shows.

It was now approaching the third day of such a lifestyle. After another long day of walking, we eventually came to an area lined by trees, where the vegetation grew thicker. This must surely be a sign that the Fairy Garden is close by.

「Looks like it’s a forest from here on」

「Forest eh… Hope it aint got ‘ny bewilderment magic, like that other one…」

Dan moves forward, flattening the overgrown weeds with his feet to make a path through the brush. We follow behind him closely. Given our experience in the forest we were in when we first landed in this world, rife with monsters and even a ‘curse of the lost’, Dan’s concerns aren’t unreasonable.

「I don’t think that’s the case, but there do seem to be strong monsters around, so everyone keep your eyes open.」

Paying careful attention to our surroundings, I stepped into the forest. The forest is filled with large, tall trees, and the sunlight streaking in through the canopy creates a beautiful, fantastical atmosphere. There was a sanctity in the air here that I’d never felt before. As expected of the fairies. You can tell that they aren’t called the ‘forest dwellers’ just for show.

「Even so, I can’t see any signs of monsters at all…」

As Ama says, despite this place being known to people as a dangerous area, there’s no sign of any monsters, or even animals. Something isn’t right…

And right as that thought passed my mind, we heard the sound of footsteps running towards us from the depths of the forest.

「Footsteps?! Could they be more attackers?!」

We all turned to face the direction the sound came from, and took defensive positions.

「Show yourself!」

「Don’t attack! Please help me!」

Jumping out before us was a tall woman with long ears, beautiful blue eyes, and flawless white skin. She had emerald green hair in a short-bob cut, and wore a pale blue one-piece dress. Based on her size, she looked to be a college student just like us (ie: she looks 19-20 years old).

「A girl? Are you alright?」

Yushiris offered his hand and helped the long-eared woman to her feet.

「Run! It’s coming!」


The sound of footsteps could still be heard coming towards us from the direction the woman appeared. It was coming towards us together with loud quaking noises. This thing was obviously a monster or the likes, and so we took up defensive positions once again.


Along with that loud roar, appeared a large four-legged lizard-like creature. It’s body was covered in scales, and its mouth was lined with sharp fangs, just like a piranha. Its large, round eyes rolled this way and that, glaring angrily at all of us.

「It’s a reptile that lives in the Thirty Region! Be careful!」

「I’ve alrd’y analysed it!」

Dan quickly analysed the creature and sent it’s information to all of us.

<<Biological Information acquired. The details are as follows:>>

Name: Large Drake
Sex: Male
Rank: B+

General Skill: 【Roar】

Resistances: 【Electrical Resistance】, 【Dragon Scales】

Magic:【Physical Magic: Electric Shock】
            【Electric Sphere Technique – Vortex】
            【Thunderbolt Technique – Lightning】

Additional Information:
This creature has electricity coursing along the surface of its body at all times. Because it is covered by dragon scales, slashing attacks will not be effective. The intelligence of this creature is on the high side, for monsters.

Weakness: Belly

「Electricity doesn’t work on that, so I’ll it to you guys.」

「In that case, Ama you protect her」

Having Ama and the woman get behind, we stepped forward to face the monster. In response, it makes a piercing roar.

<<Activated: [Roar]>>

The roaring sound turned into a shockwave that slammed into us.


I somehow managed to withstand the shockwave, but Yushiris, Euvis, and even Dan we blown away. This guy’s power is on a whole different level from anything we’ve faced thus far. A troublesome opponent that had a high level of intelligence and could activate its skills at will. On top of that, the skills themselves are powerful.

「Eat thiss-!」

<<Activated [Raging Winds]>>

I fired off an intense pressure of wind that slammed right into the Drake, but it didn’t move an inch. Those hard scales surely served as strong armour. The three who were blasted away have yet to stand up, leaving just Gakuto and myself to take on this monster.

「If we could at least blow it off its feet…」

「It just needs to be blown it off its feet right?」
-saying that, Gakuto walked towards the monster. Seeing him approach, the monster attacked him while wrapping its body in electricity.

「Gakuto, watch out!」

Right when I was about to go help him, Gakuto suddenly stuck out an arm. As a result, it was not Gakuto, but rather the monster that was blasted away. Looking closer, Gakuto’s arm had changed, and was now black in colour. He had sent that giant beast flying with a single high-speed punch.

「Don’t you look down on me….」

<<Gakuto-sama’s Special Spec has been analysed.>>

<<Displaying information based on a 50% analysis>>

<<Information as Follows>>

Name: Gakuto
Sex: Male

Special Spec (SS): 【Mutant】Lv. 1

Special Spec Status:
         Destructive Power: ∞
         Support Power: E
         Practical Abilities: S
         Growth Potential: E
         Self Defence Capability: ∞

Special Spec Starting Skills:

【Body Transformation: Self – Ouroboros】
  – The ability to freely transform the shape and nature of one’s own body.

【Self Restoration – Super Vital】
  – Rapid self-healing ability that allows for regeneration and repair of bodily damage or defects.



<<The following skill was acquired by way of 【Body Transformation: Self – Ouroboros】>>

Applied Skill: 【Body Hardening】

Effect: Allows for hardening of part or all of the body, and can be used as a protective armour or a powerful weapon. The hardened body parts turn black.

The monster that had been sent flying back stood up again. The scales in the area that it was hit had cracked and were peeling off. Gakuto’s body hardening turned out to be even harder than that monster’s scales. Pressing the attack, Gakuto charged at the monster and proceeded to rain blows upon it. With every blow the monster took, more of its scales broke off. At last Gakuto landed a hit right on a now unprotected part of the monster’s head, smashing it’s brain and killing it on the spot.

「Haah… over at last.」

Gakuto’s black right arm, turned back to normal.

「Gakuto, so you really did have one too…」

This was my first time seeing Gakuto’s power. With this, it’s confirmed that all of us have special powers. I’ll have to properly manage him too so that his powers are used judiciously eh. His too is an incredibly powerful ability. We’ll have to be careful with how it’s used. Having defeated the monsters, we roused the unconscious three, and assembled.

「Thank you so very much! Is there anything I can offer you in return?」

「No, you needn’t worry about that. More importantly, why are you in a place like this? 」

「Well, I’m actually an elf that lives in the Fairy Garden that’s close by. I was walking in the forest to pick flowers[1] when that monster suddenly appeared and it almost killed me. I truly am grateful to all of you! 」

The elf lady bowed deeply to us.

Ah I see. Since you had long ears, I thought as much. I’m Kelt! We too have a need to go to the Fairy Garden. If you don’t mind, do you think you could guide us there?

At my words, the elf lady’s face appeared a little troubled.

「Since you saved my life, I will guide you there. However, for humans to suddenly appear in the Fairy Garden will be rather shocking for all us fairies, would it be okay if we first went to speak to the Chief? 」

Not to worry. It’s not like we came here to do any harm, and in fact we just want to talk to the chief, so please go ahead. We are in your care.

Upon hearing that, the elf lady smiled.

「Thank you very much! I apologise for the late introduction. I am the elf, Selphia! Well then, I shall show you the way to the Fairy Garden!」

And thus, guided by Selphia, we made our way to The Fairy Garden, my heart hopeful of getting along with the fairies, and filled with the anxiety of not knowing what would happen.

[1] “Picking flowers” is a Japanese euphemism used by women to mean going to the toilet. Just like “answering the call of nature” in English. Or she could have actually been picking flowers….

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  1. “It’s not like we came here to do any harm” oh Kelt you liar.

    Okay, with these OP powers, how is the author going to create any actual tension and conflict? I’m starting to wonder what they were thinking… at least Kelt has been shown to have pretty significant limitations so far, giving her room to grow.

    1. My guess is the growth will be more emotional or mental. I haven’t read that far ahead, but I’m predicting that they will screwup somehow due to being careless with their powers and that will change the way they act.

    1. Thanks I appreciate the kind word! It helps to know that people are actually reading what I’m putting out 🙂

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