Chapter 17: The Fairy Garden

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Bonus chapter? Or just an early release? hehe, I don’t know either! If I get the next chapter of Kyuuketsuki Hime up by saturday, I’ll release Chapter 18 on Sunday. ^^

Also, previously I had said that I would translate feari as ‘faeiry’ and yosei as ‘fairy-kin’, though in this chapter they’re all just called yosei, so I decided to just use ‘fairy’ for all. Please treat fairy = fairy-kin. If feari comes up again in future chapters, I will use the term ‘faeiry’ for them.

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With Selphia’s guidance, we went deep into the forest. Perhaps we were simply lucky, but we didn’t encounter any monsters at all. As we proceeded deeper into the forest, the landscape changed. The number of large trees steadily increased, darkening the forest as they blocked out the sunlight. However, many fireflies lined the path, as if specifically there to illuminate the path in the darkness. I suppose you could call this the light of nature. While enjoying such a scenery, we proceeded until an especially large gate came into view.

「I’m sorry, please wait here for a short while. I will first go and speak to the chief about what’s happened.」

Saying that, Selphia put her hand on the gate. The place she touched glowed with light, and the gate opened effortlessly. As soon as Selphia passed through the gate, she disappeared like a puff of smoke.

「Wha’ tha?! Selphia-chan jus’ disappeared?!」

「Is it magic? Any idea Euvis?」

「Obviously not, Yushiris….」

Just as Selphia had told us to, we waited patiently in front of the gate. Once again I realise that the air in the forest is incredibly pleasant. Even in our previous world, we attended a rural university that was surrounded by nature. Breathing in the air of this forest brings back memories of the time when I was just an ordinary university student.

To think that I who had always been impatient to get out of the countryside and head for the city, would now be living a second life in a different world. You never know what life will throw at you.  Furthermore, to have near god-like powers, is just too heavy a burden for ones as young as us. Well, these guy’s don’t seem to have a clue about it though. While thinking about such trifling things, Selphia eventually reappeared from the gate.

「Thank you all for waiting. The chief is eager to meet with you all right away. Please follow me.」

Following Selphia, we came to a natural clearing in the forest, where many winged little fairies and elves were hanging around the trees and playing in a pond made of water droplets from the trees. It was truly a wondrous place we were in.

「So this is the Fairy Garden…..」

We were all riveted by this sight. I’d never before seen such a beautiful place.

「Just what is this place…. it’s like I’m in a dream.」

Yushiris was also leaning forward and looking all around.

「It’s only natural for you to find this place so unusual. The only other human who has stepped foot into this place is the god of this Once Region, Riveamur-sama afterall.」

「Was it okay for us to have come in?」

「I owe you all my lives afterall. Such people would never be refused. Rather, the chief would like to thank you personally.」

The chief must be a very kind person.

「The Great Fairy Chief is currently on the throne. Please come this way.」

She led us down a straight path, to a place where we were surrounded by elves and fairies, and amongst them all was a large fairy, seated on a throne. On her back were butterfly-like wings that were larger that her body, and unlike the other elves, she had loose, voluminous blonde hair that shone like gold; and was wearing a nearly transparent white dress.

「I bid thee welcome, humans. I am the chief of this forest, the Great Fairy- Cynthia Allgreen. I thank you for saving the life of our comrade, Sylphia. However, I am wondering why you have come into this forest in the first place?」

「Nice to meet you, Great Fairy-san. My name is Kelt. The truth is, we came here to ask a favour.」

「And what would that be? I shall do my utmost to make it happen.」

「Friends of ours have been captured by some slavers. And to free them, they’ve told us to bring them fairy wings. It is for that reason that we came to the forest.」

Commotion spread amongst the surrounding elves and fairies as I explained the situation without any falsehood.

Selphia began to speak.

「Fairy wings….  wuh- that’s the remains of our magical power when we faeries lose our lives! Don’t tell me, did you people come here to rob us of that?!! 」

The commotion amongst the faeries intensified upon hearing Selphia’s words.

You’re mistaken! We didn’t come with any intention to rob….

「Are you people savages?!!」

The faeries were in a full blown panic. Selphia’s words were only adding to the misunderstanding. However, in response to the increasingly chaotic situation, Cynthia clapped her hands loudly, silencing the surrounding faeries at once.

「Calm yourself Selphia. Did you not hear what was said? These people are in trouble and have come here because they have no other choice. Were they savages, they would not have bothered to rescue you, would they? 」

「P…. Please forgive my impertinence」

Having been admonished, Sylphia’s figure shrunk as she curled her shoulders.

「I’m sorry about that Kelt. However, it’s not surprising for these faeries to have been alarmed. That is because fairy wings are an important memento we faeries leave behind upon our death. For us faeries that live longer than any other race, they are incredibly precious to us. It would not be wrong to say that to faeries, they are a great treasure.」

I was right to think that Fairy Wings are incredibly precious items. I can understand why the faeries became so upset. But, now I have no idea of what to do.

「Kelt, your request for Fairy Wings is a rather difficult one….」

Cynthia was clearly also troubled, and both Kelt and Cynthia remained silent as they each tried to figure out what to do. It was at that moment that an out of breath elf came hurrying towards Cynthia.

「Great Fairy-sama, it’s a disaster! Please flee at once!」

「What seems to be the matter?」

「A large number of monsters have invaded our forest! Monsters from the Thirty Region at that!」

「What?! You must evacuate the other fairies and elves at once! My attendants and I shall go to battle! Kelt, I beg your forgiveness but might we postpone this discussion till later? As the chief of The Fairy Garden, and on my pride as the Great Fairy, I must protect this forest.」

Cynthia took her attendant fairies and went off to fight the monsters.

Let’s go too!」

We followed after Cynthia. Heading back towards the clearing that served as a plaza, we found the trees and flowers ablaze, and that beautiful place had now become a sea of fire. It seems the fairies had all safely escaped as not even one was around. In front of me, three monsters that looked similar to the one that attacked Selphia were rampaging about the forest.

「This is awful….」

Yushiris puts strength into his fists.

「Cynthia-san is over there!」

In the direction Euvis pointed towards, was Cynthia and two other fairies fighting against one monster.

「[Thousand Wind Blades]!」[1]

「[Wind Bullet]!」

「[Exploding Air]!」[2]

Taking three powerful wind attacks, the monster suffered considerable damage and passed out. We decided to follow suit.

<<Activated: [Raging Winds]>>


Activating my skill, I blew one of the monsters away with a shockwave of wind.


「Leave it to me.」

<<Activated: [Body Hardening]>>

At my calling, Gakuto’s right arm turned black, and delivered a fierce blow into the belly of the upturned monster. The second monster crashed into the ground and was taken out.

<<Activated: [Time Delay]>>

「Yushiris, I’ve slowed time down! Do it now!」

「On it!」

<<Activated: [Great Flame]>>

While the monster moved in slow motion, Yushiris crawled under its belly and created an explosion with a huge burst of flames. The huge monster was sent flying into the air.

<<Activated: [Shock Gun]>>

「See ya!」

Ama fired off a blast of electricity at the monster that was still flying through the air. Hitting it dead-centre, the monster burst apart into tiny fragments as it died instantly.

「Is that all of em….?」

Right when that thought flashed through my mind-

「My, my, gentlemen. And lady. I see you are all doing just fine!」

A familiar short man appeared at the entrance.

You are Zeni….. What are you doing here?

「Well, that’s because you all kept me waiting~ So I decided to come to pickup the Fairy Wings myself!」

「You! You’re the one that attacked this forest aren’t you?!」

Zeni boldly smirked like a chesire cat.

「No, no, most definitely not! I simply wanted to get hold of some Fairy Wings, but having heard that faeries wouldn’t simply hand them over, I brought my pets along to play!」

「These big things are your pets huh?」

I glared sharply at Zeni.

「Wow~ I never expected my excellent pets to be done in! But still, what do you think about this one! 」

Zeni snapped his fingers and then a large shadow approached us from behind. It was a large four-legged creature, far larger in size than the previous monsters, and with huge wings – a dragon.

Its entire body was covered in thick, red scales, and had large black eyes that seemed like they might suck you in. Its every breath was audibly rough and hard, that made its nose pulsate. Its huge wings must be at least 30 meters when outstretched. Zeni pointed towards Cynthia with his finger.

「Great Fairy! If you hand over the Fairy Wings, I will leave this forest alone. However if you do not hand them over, I will command that one to burn the entire forest, and take the Fairy Wings for myself!」

Cynthia fearlessly stepped forward towads Zeni who was threatening her.

「I am the Great Fairy, and the chief of the Fairy Garden, Cynthia! I will never hand over our treasure to one who possesses such a wicked heart as you!」

Cynthia shouted out her firm resolve at Zeni and the huge dragon.

「Aah…. I see….. well then, Salamander, my Red Phosphorus Dragon, DO IT-!!」

The dragon unleashed a breath of flame towards Cynthia and her two attendants.

<<Activated: [Breath of Purgatory – Fire Breath]>>[3]

<<Activated: [Tornado Blade]>>

An instant before the dragon’s breath attack hit Cynthia, a tornado appeared in front of her.

fufufu… It appears you’ve helped us yet again, Kelt. 」

「You know what, I’ve decided I don’t want to do business with you! I’ll just destroy you here and now!」

「Hahaha-! Interesting! Just try and do it then! Oh ultimate pet whom I got from that person[4], Red Phosphorus Dragon, Salamander, KILL THEM ALL!!」

Salamander’s roar signalled the start of our fight.

[1] The kanji is 千連風刃撃 which lit means thousand wind blade attack. However the furigana says sauzando uindo (thousand wind). Since the furigana doesn’t actually make sense for the spell name, I decided to just translate the kanji directly. Normally I won’t do this, but this time the spell name seems too dumb to ignore.

[2] This spell has no furigana. The kanji 破裂する大気 lit. means exploding atmosphere/air. I was tempted to translate this as “Explosion” which would make more sense, but it reminded me too much of Megumin :p

[3] The kanji for the skill name is煉獄息吹 (rengoku ibuki) which means Breath of Purgatory, whereas the furigana says “Fire Breath”

[4] So there’s obviously someone further up the food chain, whom Zeni refers to as “ano kata. Ano kata just means “that person”, but it’s a respectful way of saying it. Meaning whoever he/she is, Zeni respects them as a superior.

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