Chapter 18: The Red Phosphorus Dragon, Salamander

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For starters, Dan transmitted the data about Salamander to all of us.

<<Biological Information acquired. The details are as follows: >>

Name: Red Phosphorus Dragon, Salamander
Sex:     Male
Rank:   A

Attack Power:       A
Defence:                A
Agility:                    B
Intelligence:         C
Magic Attack:       B
Magic Defence:   C
Magic Recovery:  E

[Breath of Purgatory]

Dragon Scales : Red
Time Resistance

Spells: None.

Additional Information:
This creature is a high ranked draganoid species with characteristic red scales that can manipulate flames. The red scales have excellent resistance and provide high defence. However, despite their high defensive ability, the scales themselves are easy to peel off.

Weaknesses: Physical Impact

Yushiris was the first to take action.

「Who gives a damn if flames don’t work! 」

<<Activated: [Great Flame]>>

The explosion of flames fired off by Yushiris hit Salamander square in the face. However, once the smoke had cleared, it was clear that Salamander hadn’t even been scratched.

「I… I should’a known…. 」

Salamander responded by turning to attack Yushiris, who had made himself the target by firing off the first attack.

<<Activated: [Shock Gun]>>

However Ama sent a flash of electricity right into Salamander’s side, stopping its attack and sending it flying.

「You alright Yushiris? 」

「Yea… I’m okay 」

Salamander, who had been blown away, winced slightly, yet its scales were just lightly scorched and its physical strength hadn’t been affected at all. The high defence of its scales was probably Salamander’s greatest strength.

「We’ll be fine once its scales are ripped off!」

<<Activated: [Body Hardening]>>

Gakuto’s right arm turned black from the armouring, with which he then punched Salamander square in the face. However, even Gakuto’s punch failed to so much as scratch Salamander. Salamander let out a loud roar which blew Gakuto away. Euvis managed to catch Gakuto who had been sent flying.

「Euvis, can’t you use time manipulation on that thing? 」

「I already tried, but he’s resistant to time based attacks. I can’t do anything here, so Dan and I will act as the rearguard to support you guys.」

「I see. Okay, then please let Dan know something. That thing’s scales are hardest on the face. The face is probably its weak point. Often the hard spot is where there’s a weakness. Just like how hair grows where people are weakest.」

「Oh I get it! Alright, I’ll tell him right away.」

Euvis got Gakuto back on his feet, then ran over to Dan. Meanwhile, I was protecting Cynthia and her two fairy retainers.

<<Activated: [Tornado Blade]>>

I created a tornado with Salamander in the centre, locking it in the middle of the maelstrom.

「How about that!」

As Salamander rampaged through the vortex, a large amount of flame spread from within, extinguishing the tornado, and without losing any power, continued to spread out to attack us. The attack hit all of us at once. Gakuto and Ama were blown away, while Dan and Euvis, who were in the rearguard were also lying unconscious. I shielded the fairies from the flames with my back, which took the brunt of it, causing me to suffer searing pain like I had never experienced before. This is really bad.

「It truly is a wonderful pet! With this, getting rid of you all is as easy as burning trash! 」

Seeing the situation at hand, Zeni brags while in a good mood.

I immediately move to cast healing magic on myself, but it takes time to cast. I need time for the chant. Salamander was building up flames in its mouth in preparation for the next breath attack. At this rate his attack will come before I can cast heal on myself. What do I do…..

Then Cynthia stands in front to face Salamander.

「Kelt, leave this to me. You must take your friends and flee from this place as quickly as you can. If it’s a monster of this level, my power should be sufficient to somehow deal with it.」

「Cynthia-san, I can’t do that….. I’ll fight as well.」

「You lot have a different scent to the other humans who have come here. Are you perhaps….」

Salamander had finished charging up its flame breath. Looking around with for a target with its black eyes, upon spotting Cynthia, it immediately unleashed the breath attack with an angry roar.

「Cynthia-san! 」

Cynthia had already started chanting a magic spell, but the flames were fast approaching. It’s no good, she won’t make it.

The flames hit Cynthia head on.

The surroundings were filled with smoke and I couldn’t see very well.

Was it over for her?

As I thought that, the smoke cleared away leaving Cynthia standing there just fine.

With her eyes closed, Cynthia spoke.

Yappari, you people are very strong… 」

Yushiris was standing in front of Cynthia.

Oi! Zeni! You were babbling on about having your pet burn us all like trash, but it seems its flames are gonna be the perfect nourishment for me!  」

Seeing the unhurt Yushiris[1], Zeni backed away.

「What?! How can you be unhurt after that one’s flames head on?!! 」

Looking at Yushiris, rather than hurt, it seems even the injuries he had before our fight with Salamander, had all disappeared.

<<Yushiris-sama’s Special Spec has been reanalysed. The updated information is as follows: >>

Special Spec: 【Flame User – Agnist】

Special Spec Unique Skills:

Active: [Flame Absorption]
All fire based attacks can be absorbed and converted into self regeneration. The more flames are absorbed, the greater the self healing capability.

「Kelt, I’ll be your meat shield, so hurry up and crush this thing already!」


<<Aria: [Total Recovery]>>

All my wounds and burns disappeared, and even my clothes were now as good as new.

「You, you[2] can even use healing magic…… Very well. I shall leave the subjugation of Salamander to you and your friends. And I shall also grant you this. 」

Cynthia placed her hand on my head and green light enveloped my body. Immediately after, I felt like once again, something burst forth from within me and I was filled with a mysterious power.

「What did you…? 」

「This is but a trifling good luck charm. Now, go forth and exterminate the detestable dragon.」

My body is overflowing with power. Now is the time for our counterattack!

Cynthia quietly observed Kelt from behind.

fufufu~ I’m counting on you.. God… 」

TN: Hmm…. seeing how this chapter was really short, I think I can probably get another one out in a day or two… let’s see…

[1] The author actually wrote Euvis here, but it made no sense, so assuming it was a typo, I changed it to Yushiris.

[2] Cynthia suddenly uses sonata here (an archaic form of you, but not quite as pronouced as nanji) to refer to Kelt. And then goes back to anata. Not sure why.

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  1. Alright this on leaves some ammunition for me.
    Dan transmitting the salamanders data to each of them: Why the hell does he already have such control of the system? Didn’t he have to at least tell them the name of the species before then the system automatically transfered it?
    Yushiris’ flame not working on the dragon: so we’ve recognized these people have the power of gods and yet a God’s flame didn’t work on a dragon. I recognize that in some world’s dragons are recognized as God killers, but even in those world’s the God’s of fire could still damage dragons. Then there’s the fact that the scales are easy to peal off, meaning that there’s gaps to peal the scales, ergo those flames should be able to go through the gaps.
    Then the shock gun working while the flames and the body hardened punch which are technically of the same rank and damage didn’t, when used on the same scales, what the ****, there should at the very least be knock back on the punch.
    Also the time resistance: How the hell does a fire dragon have resistance to time manipulation, and even outside of that, why is the only thing these kids, who the author portrays as having battle experience even when they should have none, can think of is to slow the dragon down, can’t you just speed yourselves up instead?
    I do have to give some props to the author on the third rate villain act of zeni. I’m reminded of the legend of Zelda Spirit tracks (no spoilers)
    Yushiris regenerating from the dragon flame: so from this we now know that dragon’s aren’t god killers which brings the above point into further scrutiny.
    The only other thing I have is that this all has seemed very forced to have a character of high standing recognize our protagonists as important.

    1. Yeah, it feels forced, and easily could have had Cynthia try to fight it first, before having them crush it to get the same effect. As for Dan, maybe the author cut that out, or he’s getting better as they all are? Seems like a minor power boost compared to the rest of them.

      As for time magic, that’s a real WTF. Makes no sense at all.

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