Chapter 19: The Great Fairy ‘s Blessing

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Really sorry it’s taken so long for an update! Have been really busy with work the past few weeks…and that makes you lazy! When you’re finally done with work, you just don’t feel like ‘working’ some more doing translations… so yea, sorry. Though I certainly had the time to translate chapters, I just didn’t feel like it….

I do have novels and anime I want to catch up on afterall! Anyway sorry again, and apologies if this chapter is of a lower quality. It was a bit of a rush job. I’ll try to get another chapter up by tomorrow and then I need to turn my attention to Kyuuketsu Hime. That WN is overdue for a new chapter too.

Both Kelt who is overflowing with a mysterious power, and Yushiris who has awakened a new ability, firmly resolved to defeat Salamander that is attacking the Fairy Garden. Seeing this, Zeni angrily shouted with an impatient expression.

「You bastards!! Just give up already!! Salamander and I will never be defeated!! 」

「Ya know, guys who spit out lines like that are usually quick to die in Anime n stuff.」
-I cynically responded in a calm tone.

「-the hell you on about?! Assholes! Get em’ Salamander!! 」

Salamander built up a bright red flame in his mouth, then spat it out at the two of us. The firepower had increased, as if in proportion to its creator’s fury.

「Yushiris! 」


The huge flames were all pulled towards Yushiris, who easily took control of it. And then, new information was displayed in my System.

<<Data Received>>

It’s weak in the face! Keep attacking it there an the scales’ll peel off!

This speaking style is Dan’s isn’t it? When I looked aside to where Dan was, he was still lying on the ground but looking at me whith a thumbs up.

「Thanks Dan! 」

I ran straight at Salamander’s face with all my might. Salamander was preparing its next attack, but I closed the distance first.


I thrust my right hand out at Salamander’s face and it glows with light.

<<Activated: WiL&*w#?!>>


<<Your Skills have been updated due to 『The Great Fairy’s Blessing』[1]>>

<<Activated: [Ferrocious Winds][2]>>

The moment I activated my skill, with a thundering roar, all the air in my surroundings momentarily stopped before bursting forth in a manner that was more like an explosion rather than a shockwave. The strong wind pressure smashed Salamander’s face, scales and all, and sent it flying out of the Fairy Garden.

Oi oi Kelt! All ya needed to do was peel its scales off, but ya one-shotted it instead…」

「Subjugation complete.」

Looking at Zeni, he was completely in a daze.

「That power… no way…」

<<Skill update confirmed.>>

Applied Skill: [Raging Winds] → [Ferrocious Winds]

Causes the air in a 2 meter radius of the user to explode, creating a shockwave.

→ An advanced wind element skill that creates a shockwave by compressing all the air in a 2 meter radius of the user, and releasing it all at once like a large explosion.

Power: Medium → Extremely Large.

EX Skill[3]: [The Great Fairy’s Blessing]

A skill that can only be possessed by one that has been acknowledged by the fairy chief. It allows the user to borrow the power of The Great Fairy, and is said to be able to turn a small breeze into a storm.

「Well then, only that one remains Kelt-san. 」

Zeni tried to quietly crawl away on all fours, but Yushiris grabbed him by the collar.

「Just a second. Where d’ya think you’re going?」

Zeni had a horrible face overflowing with sweat, tears and snot.

「P…Please forgive me! I’ll give you whatever you want! And I’ll never lay a hand on you guys ever again! Please don’t kill me! 」

「The fuck you saying?! You looked down on us and now ya think we’ll just let you go?!!  」

「Wait, Yushiris. I have some things I want to ask him. Let’s just have him talk for now. 」

There’s something that concerns me. It’s about the monsters that attacked Selphia and the Fairy Garden.

Oi, are you the reason monsters are roaming about this area?」

Zeni’s head drooped down, then with a “ku ku ku”, he started to laugh.

「Yea. That’s right. It’s all because of me. This forest is close to the Thirty Region, where there are many dragon-type monsters. I made a contract with a certain someone and brought monsters from the Thirty Region in order to get the Fairy Wings.」

「So that’s the reason monsters that don’t live in this forest suddenly started wandering about.」

Cynthia looked surprised upon realising this.

「So that’s why people believe there are powerful monsters here…. So, who’s the one who asked you to do this? 」

「That…. I won’t say.」

He must be quite an important person for Zeni to be unwilling to talk even in this situation. But I still didn’t understand the situation. What I did understand was they used hostages to force our hand, then after we’d come to the place we were told to, they tried to erase us along with this very place. My anger overflows at that thought. I pull out the kodachi at my waist and press it to Zeni’s neck.

「No, hey, stop!」

「UWAAAAA—!!!!! 」

I stabbed the kodachi into the ground, just a hair’s breadth from Zeni’s neck. Zeni ended up fainting out of fear, foaming at the mouth.

I’ve… already killed people before, but I don’t want to make a habit of burying them.」

My shoulders slumped down. Seeing this, Cynthia came up to me.

「It’s okay. You have all done so well. Leave this one to us. We will deal with him.」

「Thank you so much, Cynthia-san. 」

「Not at all, thank you all for your hard work. [Healing Rain]!」

Cynthia’s skill caused it to start raining. The rain healed all our friends who lay unconscious on the ground, and the devastated Fairy Garden was gradually restored to its original state, and once again was beautiful as it was before. My unconscious friends stood up.

「Is it finally over? That was a long one~」

「Damn… I really let my guard down…」

「By the look of things, I guess everything’s been taken care of? 」

Just in case I too cast healing magic on Dan, Euvis and Gakuto.

And thus the threat to the Fairy Garden had been dealt with, and the faeries that had been evacuated all returned. I’m concerned about the client that Zeni mentioned, but let’s think about that later. At any rate, the combined efforts of Cynthia-san and ourselves had brought peace to this land once more.

[1] The effect is called Dai Yosei no Kago (大妖精の加護). Kago means ‘Divine Protection’, but in this context I thought ‘blessing’ would be a better fit for the effect name.

[2] Dōmōna taiki (獰猛な大気). Kelt just got an upgrade from “raging” to “ferocious” winds.

[3] EX in JRPG refers to “enhaced” or “souped up”. An EX skill is like a max level enhanced skill.

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