Chapter 2: It Started with a Genderswapped Reincarnation

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Q: What does nyotaika mean?

A: A phenomenon where a man’s body changes into a woman’s body. Boys, you may have dreamt of such things now and then no?

Note: Mouseover the conversations to read the romaji

I …… died, right? I’m pretty sure…. I fell into a hole. But I don’t I felt any impact like hitting the ground…… I‘ve no idea what dying is supposed to feel like.

But, my body feels totally normal. I can feel all my limbs. Oddly, I don’t feel any pain either. Though, I guess I’m lying on my face. And I can feel the wind blowing. My sense of hearing and touch seem to be fine. I tried opening my eyes, and they opened normally. What I saw was trees all around me, and grass on the ground. There was a pond nearby. Somehow, I seem to be in a forest. As I looked further, I saw several people lying on the ground.

「Let me try moving」

With a little effort I was slowly able to stand up. And as I looked closer, there were familiar faces amongst those people lying unconscious on the ground. When I rubbed my blurry eyes and looked again, it was Ryuutarou, Shin, Uzuki, Gakuto, and Dan.

「You guys! Are y’all okay?! You alive?!」

I immediately shook the nearby Ryuutarou’s body.

「Oi! Get up! Ryuutarou!」

「U…ngh?  Eh?   Where?   Uh… who’re you?」

「Did you hurt your head or something?」

「eh?   Huh?」

I’m not sure if it’s because he hit his head hard or was just confused by the current situation, but Ryuutarou couldn’t recognise me. I was a little worried, but right now I didn’t give it much thought and called out to the others instead.

「Ungh…WHAT?! 」

Dan woke up.

「mm~gh…what is it?」

Shin also woke up just fine.

「Once again… DON KATSU[1]… Huh?! WHERAMI?!」

Gakuto too somehow woke up okay. (DON KATSU?)

「Uzuki! Get up!!」

munya munya[2]……I can’t eat any more…」

「Get~upp damn you…」

To be a sleepyhead after coming all this way is impressive in its’ own way. Ah well, he’ll wake up eventually. In the meantime I’ll just check on everyone else.

「Everyone okay?」


What’s going on? Everyone was just staring blankly at my face.

「You… are you perhaps, Kei?」

Ryutaro asks fearfully.

Ha? What’re you saying? Who else could I be?」

「There’s someone who’s not you standing right in front of us!」


「There’s a pond right there. Go take a look.」


At Ruutarou’s insistence, I went to the pond and looked in. The water in the pond is very clear and reflects the surrounding scenery beautifully. Then I notice my own reflection in the water…

「… Who?」

What I saw in the water was not the usual disappointing face that I’m used to seeing in the mirror- that of a male that’s on the opposite spectrum from ikemen[3]; but rather a feminine baby face, with silver hair that reached the shoulders, and a petite frame.


The pitch of my voice has also gotten higher than normal. I begin to feel myself all over. Fortunately, my clothes seem to be what I was wearing before I died, so I guess I can conclude that this really is me.

Still, even with my clothes on, I could tell that my body had changed. A smooth face with no trace of facial hair, a slender body with no fat, and a chest that puffed out slightly. Definitely not my normal appearance. And so I cautiously move my hand to my lower body to check if it is okay.

「… gone」

I was in shock.

All evidence of the boy I’d raised for 19 years had disappeared. In place of the usual bulge was something completely smooth, as if it had been completely shaved off. No matter how I try to deny it, there’s no escaping the reality that I’d become a girl.

I turned round, and running frantically back to everyone, I approached Ryuutarou.


「… gone」

「huh? What?」

「my son…」



「You have other things to be more shocked about right?!」

Squatting down[4], I started to cry. *sob* *sob* *sob*[5]. My son…

Ignoring me who was still in shock, with a sidelong glance, Ryuutarou, Dan and Shin try to make sense of our current situation.

「Hmm… Perhaps after falling into that hole we’ve ended up in a strange place. Eh? What do you think Ryuutarou?」

「No, I wouldn’t know if you asked me. 」

Dan crossed his arms and thought about it, but the suddenness of the situation made it hard for him to think straight.

「Wha… Whadda ‘ell happn’d… Shin, ‘ny ideas? 」

「Whatd’ya mean?」

「Well.., I mean, ‘ny idea ‘ow we got ‘ere? 」

「How the hell would I know?」

「Well, yea… I guess..」

Well, looks like no one has any idea how we got here. Gakuto also put his hand on his chin as he pondered for some time, before coming to a conclusion…

「No idea」

-So he said.

Meanwhile, Uzuki finally woke up.

「Huh? Where am I?」

He got up and looked around. Noticing us, he approached with sleepy eyes.

「Did we perhaps, die?」

Rubbing his eyes, he turned to Dan and asked.

「No idea. When we woke up, we found ourselves here too, so now we’re just wondering what to do」

「Ah by the way, what about Kei?」

「As surprising as it is, Kei’s that girl over there」

Dan points towards a bishoujo[6] sat on the ground sobbing *sob* *sob* *sob*.

「My son…」

「You’re telling me, she’s…?」

「I know it’s hard to believe, but it’s the truth」

Uzuki takes a deep breath then opens his mouth.

「Aaah—I think maybe we all got reincarnated?」

Argh, not like I can do anything about turning into a girl. For now let’s try to look on the bright side. Even though I don’t have my son….yup…

「I don’t know if we’ve been reincarnated or what, but I guess we’ve been transported somewhere? Very interesting.」

With a wide grin on his face, Gakuto was scouring the forest.

「Well.. whad’we do now?」

Uzuki asked quietly, clearly anxious. We all fell silent in apprehension.

All of a sudden, a long square frame appeared on the left edge of my vision.

「Whoah? What the hell is this?」

Written inside the frame was-
<<What is your name?>>

「Hey there’s something that says “What’s your name?” in my vision.」

I informed everyone.

「Oh, I see something too」

「Wha?! Heh, this is kinda amazing」

It seems to have appeared for Shin and Dan as well, but we’re all looking in different directions. I guess the place it appeared was different for everyone.

「Oh, kinda like in games. I wonder how it works?」

「Whoah, for real?」

Gakuto and Shin seem to be able to see it too. And this frame seems to stay put even as I look around. Almost like a control panel built into my eyes.

「Well… my name is Kei, but where’s the keyboard?」

At that moment, the panel before me changed-
<<That name cannot be used.>>
  -with said error displayed.

「Huh? Not allowed? Or rather, I didn’t even input anything…」

<<Information is received via voice or thought transmission.>>

「Aah, I see.」

I didn’t quite understand how it worked, but I think the isekai stories I’d come across before all had the same concept.

For the time being, we decided to call this thing 『The System』. No point thinking too hard about complicated stuff, so let’s just follow The System’s instructions and pick a name.

「Well, I’m a girl now, so “Kei” would be kinda strange huh…」

Even as I thought for some time, I couldn’t come up with any names. While observing the others, I started looking around for name ideas.

「I wonder what to do…」

「Why don’t ya just use your usual name? I’m going with “Ama” since I always use that in games. 」

<<The name 『Ama』has been confirmed.>>

「Oh, it works!」

He decided on the spot huh? So Shin is going with ‘Ama’[7] eh… I’m a little concerned.

「How about you, Gakuto? Decided on a name?」

「I think I’ll just stick with ‘Gakuto’.」

<<The name 『Gakuto』has been confirmed.>>
‘Gakuto’ eh… I see…


「Eh? ‘Dan’ I guess?」
<<The name 『Dan』has been confirmed.>>

「That leaves just me, Ryuutarou and Uzuki….」

As I went over to Uzuki, he looked troubled, with a grim face.
「Uzuki~~ have you picked a name?」


「What sorta name are you going for?」

「…umm, hey…」

「Whats the matter?」

When I looked up at Uzuki’s face, he was flushed red, with a clearly unpleasant expression. Did I do something?
「You… your face is too close.」

「Huh? Isn’t this just the usual?」

「Well.. ya know, YOU aren’t like usual are you… that’s why, what I’m saying is… your breasts are touching me 」


I looked down at my chest, and indeed they were splendidly pressed against his shoulder. Looking back at Uzuki’s face, he’s now beet red. Hahaa~ so that’s how it is eh? Let’s have a bit of fun.
Eeh- so what♡. No biggie right♡?」[8]

I further press my breasts against Uzuki’s shoulder. It almost seems to make a *munyu-munyu­* like sound.
「Wa–!! Stop it!!」

Uzuki struggled as he tried to get away from me. Like riding a rodeo machine, I did my best to stick to him as he tried to shake me off. To go any further would have been rather bad for him, so I let go.

「You.. You’re not a man any more so be more careful!」


With this I came to a conclusion. Men are really simple. And being a woman is fun.

[1] Don Katsu (ドン勝) – Jap PUBG reference. Same as “WINNER WINNER CHICKEN DINNER”

[2] Munya (ムニャ) is a JP onomatopoeia to describe sleepy mumbling

[3] Ikemen (イケ面) – Handsome guy

[4] Taikuzuwari (体育座り) – The usual anime crying pose. Eg here

[5] Shiku shiku – Anime crying sounds

[6] Seriously? You don’t know what bishoujo is? Shame on you!! Go look it up!

[7] Ama – short for Amateur. Kinda like ‘Noob’.

[8] Kei is purposely speaking in a playful feminine manner

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