Chapter 3: The Creator

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Author: Since the last 2 chapters were rather long, I decided to split this one up.

TN: Mouseover the conversations to read the romaji!

「Sigh…ah screw it…..hey guys~, this is a different world right? I think I’ve come up with a pretty good name.」

「Well? What is it?」

When asked, Uzuki raises his nose towards the sky and says proudly-

「What d’yu think of ‘Yushiris’?」

「Aah, rather fantasy-esque. But why? 」

「‘Yushiris’ is the name of a robot I like!」

Ah, that’s right. If there aren’t any restrictions on names, then we can copy a good name from somewhere else.

「Yea, Why not?」


And so Uzuki immediately tried that name.
<<The name『Yushiris』has been confirmed.>>

「Done! AWWRIGHT~!!!」

I’m glad Uzuki made a good decision.

「By the way, once our name is confirmed, what next?」

I was a little worried as to what happened to The System once our name was confirmed, so I asked Uzuki.

「Right now it’s saying something about waiting.」

I guess if you didn’t want to move on to the next step right away, then there’s no need to rush.

I need to make a decision pretty soon….
I turn towards Ryuutarou

「Ryuutarou, have you picked a name yet?」

「Me? I haven’t come up with anything yet…」

「Somehow Uzuki was able to come up with a nice nickname that ended up sounding really fantasy-esque」

「Fantasy-esque eh….. something like that eh…」

Ryuutarou seemed to be thinking. After all, this is his name, so it’s probably best to come up with one for himself. Best not to say too much. Rather, while I’d been paying attention to other peoples’ names, I totally forgot to think of a name for myself. And as such, one name came to mind.

「Then, how about “Euvis”! It sounds rather masculine right?」

「hmmm~, yea that’ll do」

「huh? It’s okay?」

「huh? You mean it’s not?」

「nah, I didn’t expect you to OK it right away」

「Well, it’s better than something weird right?」

「Oh really? That’s good then.?」

<<The name 『Euvis』has been confirmed.>>

「Okay it’s settled.」

Okay, with this everyone else’s names are settled, leaving just me…

「Kei, still haven’t decided on a name? Well, I guess it’s okay as The System just seems to be on standby, and isn’t responding at all, so take your time!」

「Okay, thanks」

Even so… nothing is coming to mind. A girly name that suits this appearance…

As I look up to the sky, the blue sky was already being dyed with the red of sunset. The forest was also starting to get dark, and all around me I could hear the sounds of animals, or who knows what else.

「We should probably get moving. It’s a little scary, don’t you think?」

Ama suggests we get a move on.

「Yea, let’s go find a place to rest.」

Just as I was just about to suggest that we postpone my picking a name and get going, I got the feeling we were being watched. So I started looking around to see if there was anything.

「What’s wrong?」

「There’s something… nearby」


Like me, Gakuto started to look around as well. As I turned towards a nearby bush, I noticed a pair of red eyes, looking straight at me.

And just as I realised the bushes started to move, a black shadow leapt out towards me. I was able to dodge it by a hair’s breadth, and turning around, I saw a terrifying beast before me.

「Whoah that was close! The heck is that?!」

It was a wolf-like four-legged, black-haired beast; bigger than a large dog. With glowing red eyes and drool dripping from its mouth, it bared its fangs as it and glared at us.

「it…it’s huge…」

Unsurprisingly, Gakuto was similarly shaken. Turning my eyes to the other four, I saw them standing erect, completely petrified.

「You guys, watch out!!」

Right as I called out to the four, the monster leapt to attack them. In one swipe, its claws slashed all four of them in the chest.

kuu… it hurts~!」

「what th… its tryn’a killus?!」

The wounds on Ama and Dan’s chests were shallow, but were nonetheless bleeding.


「What the hell is that~?!」

Yushiris and Euvis were able to dodge it in the nick of time. Now the monster turned towards me.


Pouncing on me, it pinned me to the ground and tried to bite my face. I struggled desperately, but my body was now that of a weak girl. The strength of my arms was barely enough to keep the beast’s jaws from my face. Was I going to die here, once again? Without having even done anything? I absolutely don’t want that. However the strength of my arms was fading.

Just as I was prepared to die, I heard a woman’s voice in my head.

『State thy name already. Thou art only just getting started no?』

What is this voice…?

『Let god’s divine protection be uponst thou…』

And when I heard those words, I cried out-

I(watashi) am Kelt~!!!!!!」[1]

As I shouted this, a shockwave burst out from my body and blew the monster away.

<<The name 『Kelt』has been confirmed.>>

<<『Special Spec: “The Creator” 』has been automatically activated; and the following abilities have been created and acquired.>>

Skill Name: 『Wind Domination』[2]
Effect: Total control of the atmosphere in any area.
Reason for creation: A strong desire to blow away monsters.

「What…was that?」

As I stood up, so did the monster. Though clearly hurt, its glaring at me with murderous eyes. As I stared at the monster, The System reacted once again.

<<Lifeform Identified. Printing details.>>
         Name: Hell Hound
         Level: 8
         Rank: D
         Skills: 【Bite】【Bark】

The System is suddenly operating. Is it because the initial configuration is complete? Looks like it can also give me a bit of info about opponents. Eh? It has a level? And isn’t 8 a bit high? Still there’s no choice but to defeat it. I braced myself for a fight.

The Hell Hound lunges at me with great force and I stick one hand forward.

<<Preparing to activate the skill『Raging Winds』>>[3]

I put power into my right hand, and as the Hell Hound closed in on me, I released it.

<<Activated 『Raging Winds』>>

With a loud explosion, a shockwave was created and the Hell Hound blown away. And then it crashed into a tree, which fell down upon another tree, which fell upon another, and another like dominoes. Then the Hell Hound which received the skill head on, suddenly disappeared, without so much as a twitch.

「Did I get it?」

I head towards the two that are injured.

「You okay?」

Worrying about their injuries, I check in on them.


「My injury is so serious I wanna laugh」

Seeing Dan and Ama acting like normal, I guess they’re okay; still, I’d like to be able to treat their wounds.

「These wounds need treatment, but I’ve no idea what to do…..」

At that moment, The System came alive once again.

<<Would you like to use the ability of 『The Creator? 』>>

Now that you mention it, I have no idea what this ability does, but I’ll save the questions for later. If it’ll help these guys, I’ll give priority to that. Yes, let’s use it.

For starters, if there was something that’d heal their wounds and help them recover…

<<Your wish have been confirmed.>>
<<Utilising the ability of 【The Creator】, the following spells have been created and equipped>

Spell[4] Name: 【Divine Magic: Blessing】- Perfect Healing.
Effect: Heals one target’s injuries completely, restores all health, and cancels all abnormal conditions.
Reason for Creation: A strong desire to heal immediately.

Eh? Total recovery? Isn’t that a really powerful ability? We only just started this game. I don’t really understand what’s going on, but anyway let’s focus on the healing. I used the spell I just learned on the both of them.

<<Aria: Total Recovery>>

「Thanks a bunch! Eh? Aren’t you like, really strong?」

「Isn’t this like a cheat? 」

I didn’t understand it either. It just suddenly activated, I suddenly had this ability, and on the spur of the moment I used it; so I don’t really feel like I have any powers or anything. I’ll have to check my profile later.

「Hey, I think we really ought to get going 」

At Gakuto’s suggestion, we decided to at least get out of the forest for the time being. The five of us walked along the forest path, being wary Hell Hounds or other monsters. And as we were walking through the forest, it suddenly occurred to me.

「Hey, perhaps you guys have some powers too?」

I lightly prompt Dan.

「Now that you mention it, I totally didn’t even think to check. Well, I’ll just have to properly look into it later.」


It’s been about 2 hours since we started walking, and I still can’t see the forest. We’re all dead tired.

「No choice. Why don’t we just rest here for the night? 」

When I called out to them, everyone agreed, being totally exhausted. Well, no surprise there. We’d had to be cautious of monsters the whole way, plus when you’re in an unfamiliar environment, fatigue just creeps up on you.

And thus night falls. We all just decide to lie down and sleep on the grass. It was decided that I’d keep a lookout for monsters, since I was the only one able to make use of any skills from the get-go. I am technically a girl ya know… by right, aren’t you supposed to let the girls rest first?

“These good for nothing men”… As I was thinking such things, I noticed everyone was fast asleep like logs.  I guess everyone really was dead tired.

Being all alone with everyone fast asleep, I got to thinking.

「Having powers, and even creatures like that, I guess this really is a different world? Those guys probably have some abilities too. Also, what was that voice I heard at the time? It’s rather concerning.」

As I was agonisingly thinking about such concerns, I guess I was exhausted too. Giving into the growing sleepiness, I too lied down.

On the first day I arrived in this world, I’d received these abilities. Yet I had no inkling as to their true power or just how frightening my abilities were.

<Current Status>
Name: Kelt

Sex: Female

Special Specs (SS):
【The Creator】- Lv.1

Special Spec Status:
         Destructive Power: ∞
         Support Power: ∞
         Practical Abilities: ∞
         Growth Potential: ∞

Basic Skill: 【Wind Domination】

Starting Skills: 【???】,【???】,【???】,【???】


         Divine Magic: Blessing – 【Total Recovery】

Money: 150G (reward for subjugating the Hell Hound)

[1] Up till now Kei has been using the masculine I, ore. However when crying out his/her new name (s)he used the feminine I, watashi. Moving forward, where it’s important to distinguish the form of “I” used, I shall indicate it accordingly

[2] 風支配 (kaze shihai) – meaning absolute control over wind.

[3] 荒ぶる大気 (araburu taiki)

[4] The kanji is 魔法 (mahou) which means magic, but the furigana says “spell”. I guess it’s just meant to explain that it’s a magic spell

In this chapter, the names of several characters have changed. Since some people may have trouble keeping up, I have summarised it below.

Moving forward, all characters will be using the following names. Please keep it in mind.

Furukawa Kei -> Kelt

Sano Uzuki -> Yushiris

Masuoka Ryuutarou -> Euvis.

Okada Gakuto -> Gakuto

Mitsuya Dan -> Dan

Anobu Shin -> Ama

TN: The author didn’t explain why Kei suddenly used “watashi “or whe (s)he picked the name ‘Kelt’. What do you think? My hypothesis is that the godess took control of the body or something because (s)he shouted out that name as soon as she said something.

Thanks for reading! Please leave a comment to share your thoughts. Constructive criticism is always welcome!

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    1. AFAIK it doesnt mean anything. Its probably “Celt” like ‘Celtic’, but I chose to translate it as “Kelt” to avoid pronunciation confusion (since many americans wrongly pronounce “Celtic” as cell-tic. Also nicknames n stuff will probably only make sense with a K.

      1. actually the name in the RAW is ケルト (keruto)
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