Chapter 4: Special Spec (Part 1)

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Furukawa Kei -> Kelt

Sano Uzuki -> Yushiris

Masuoka Ryuutarou -> Euvis.

Okada Gakuto -> Gakuto

Mitsuya Dan -> Dan

Anobu Shin -> Ama

TN: Mouseover the conversations to read the romaji!

『Thou, Can thou hear my voice? 』

Hmm? What? I’m sure I fell asleep…. is this a dream?
I could hear someone’s voice inside my head.

『I saw what you did earlier. Do you know how to use the power that you’ve obtained? Well, I’m looking forward to seeing how things progress from now. Till the day you come to me. 』

When the owner of the mysterious voice said that, the uncomfortable feeling in my head quickly disappeared. And at the same time, another voice came in.

「…lt…….ke up… 」


「…Kelt…….ke up… 」


「Kelt, wake up! 」

I can feel someone shaking me, slapping me, kicking me….hey don’t kick me!

When I opened my eyes, the first thing I saw was the dazzling sunlight pouring down from the beautiful blue sky. Something was blocking the sun’s rays, shading me. When I looked, it turned out to be Euvis’ face. It seems he’d woken me up.

「mmmgh…. mornin Euvis」

「upsy daisy 」

「I’m up, I’m up♪ UUUng~~ngh」

Stretching out towards the sky, I stood up.

「Good on you for getting up right away. Yushiris won’t wake up at all. He’s exactly the as in Uni, that one. 」

Yes, Yushiris is absolutely not a morning person. Even as a uni student, he was a habitual slacker, preferring to sleep in at home rather than attend morning lectures. On some days he even skipped uni entirely. I had no choice but to go wake up the very same Yushiris.

「Oi Yushiris, get up. You’re gonna be late. 」

I shake Yushiris’ body.

「I can’t eat any more……ZZzzzz 」

「Get. Up. 」

I punched Yushiris in the stomach.

「Guwough…  *cough*」

Ah, looks like he’s finally up.

「Good Morning♡ 」

「*Cough* *Cough*… I’ll forgive you because you’re cute….like hell I will! Think about the person you’re waking up!」

「Good job waking up」

I give him a wink and a thumbs up.

「If it weren’t you on the inside, there’d be a proper bishoujou standing before me」

Yushiris gives me the middle finger.

Aaanyway, he’s up, so let’s leave it at that. Looking around, we’re still in the forest, surrounded by trees as far as the eye can see, and we still had no idea where we were. There’s absolutely no telling whether the exit was nearby or far away.

I’m sure we’d walked quite a long distance yesterday. There’s also the chance of monsters and the like showing up, so it’s kinda dangerous. We ought to get out of this forest right away. I check to see that everyone’s okay. Hmm? We’re short a man. Where’s Gakuto?

「Say, where’s Gakuto?」

「Umm, Gakuto said he had to use the toilet and went further into the forest」

Dan said as he pointed in the direction opposite to the way we’d been walking.

「I see. Alright, then let’s wait for a bit」

「You could get lost carelessly moving about afterall」

We each prepared to move out as we waited for Gakuto to return. Dan is looking around the forest. Euvis and Yushiris are washing their faces in the pond nearby. Ama is looking at his status I think?

What’s with that eye movement? I guess I should check my status as well. Come to think of it, does everyone else even have any abilities?

「Say, Ama-cchi[1], you looking at your status? 」

「N? Well yea I am, but I don’t have any skills or anything yet. Will it show up once I learn it?」


Standing next to Ama, I looked at my own status. There was a column called ‘Skills’ and another called ‘Spells’, where the abilities I picked up yesterday were listed.

While looking at my status, I noticed a new section had appeared at the top, called ‘Special Spec’.

What’s a ‘Special Spec’?

Right as I thought that, The System responded.

<<A Special Spec is a unique skillset consisting of multiple powerful skills that is miraculously created due to a person’s innate talents. Only about 1% of all lifeforms in the world possess a Special Spec, regardless of race of species. Furthermore, an individual may have only one Special Spec (though there are exceptions to this rule).>>

Eh? A miracle? 1 percent? Me?

No way. To think I possessed such a powerful skill. Quite the shocker. But I still have no idea as to what my Special Spec’s abilities are. Monsters might suddenly appear out of nowhere afterall. I’d best look into Special Spec.

<<Analysing Kelt-sama’s status………..>>

<<Analysis Incomplete>>

<<Displaying Information based on a 50% analysis>>

<<Information is as follows>>

         Name: Kelt
         Sex: Female
         Special Spec (SS):
         【The Creator】- Lv.1

Special Spec Status:
         Destructive Power: ∞
         Support Power: ∞
         Practical Abilities: ∞
         Growth Potential: ∞
         Self Defence Capability: ∞

Starting Skill:【Ability Create】
The ability to freely create any manner of Basic Skills, Special Skills, Spells, or Resistances at random; be they regular or unique, and with no limit to their power or ability.
However, skills or magic that create or govern life cannot be created as they are forbidden. (Unlock Conditions exist).

Starting Skill:  【???】
Starting Skill:  【???】
Starting Skill:  【???】

         Basic Skill: 【Wind Domination】

Magic:【Total Recovery】

Money: 150G (reward for subjugating the Hell Hound)

What the hell is with this power? I’m still weak, of course, but this status is just crazy……

Is this the ability to create my own powers? Isn’t that like insanely powerful? And at just 50% analysis, doesn’t that mean I have other abilities too?

But right now, I don’t really get it. Just going by this Special Spec’s name, I have absolutely no idea what sort of abilities I can create. Well, I guess time will tell. Let’s just be patient.

How about Ama? Does he have any powers?

「Ama-cchi, do you have a Special Spec by any chance?」

「Special Spec? Ah, here it is. I haven’t taken a look at it yet」

「Eh? You’ve got one?」

「Ah, well, I kinda forgot that it popped up when I picked a name」

That means the theory that we all have one…. Nah, there’s no way… Probably just Ama and I that have it.

「Now then, let’s what abilities I’ve got」

<<Analysing Ama-sama’s status………..>>

<<Analysis Incomplete>>

<<Displaying Information based on a 60% analysis>>

<<Information is as follows>>

Name: Ama
         Sex: Male
         Special Spec (SS):
         【Electricist】(Lightning User) – Lv.2

Special Spec Status:
         Destructive Power: SSS
         Support Power: D
         Practical Abilities: A
         Growth Potential: C
         Self Defence Capability: SS

SS Skill: 【Electric Domination】

The ability to create, emit, and store electricity in the body.
The ability to manipulate any electrical current.
The electrical power can be adjusted. The manner in which the electricity is discharged can also be specified.

SS Skill: 【Electric Resistance】

Negates all effects of electricity upon the self.

SS Skill: 【???】

SS Skill: 【???】

SS Skill: 【???】

「Hmmm…. 」

「Well? 」

「Kelt, stand back for a bit 」

As he said this, Ama extended his right hand towards the tree in front of him. Then his body made a buzzing sound and was filled with electric like sparks.

「Hngh!! 」

When Ama let out a forceful sound, a sudden light shone from his hand along with a loud popping sound.

It lasted for just a moment, but I could tell that electricity was being emitted from his hand.

Looking in the direction of his hand, had all the large trees disappeared? No. For over 100 meters, all the trees had been obliterated and turned into charcoal.

「Huh….? 」

[1] A playful suffix added to a name (like a nickname) – indicates endearment amongst friends


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