Chapter 5: Special Spec (part 2)

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Furukawa Kei -> Kelt

Sano Uzuki -> Yushiris

Masuoka Ryuutarou -> Euvis.

Okada Gakuto -> Gakuto

Mitsuya Dan -> Dan

Anobu Shin -> Ama

I couldn’t hide my shock at this power. As I stood there in a daze[1], Ama had a satisfied expression on his face.

「Hmm…. I guess I overdid it」

<<The following skills were activated by making use of 『Electric Domination』>>

            Practical Skill: Shockgun
            Attribute: Lightning
            Effect: Releases stored electric current in a straight line extending  up to 100 meters.
            Power: Medium to Super XL

「You’re a… lightning user?」

「So it would seem」

This guy’s kinda scary. I firmly decided that from now on I wouldn’t do anything that would make him too angry. Just as I’d calmed down, I heard Yushiris screaming from a distance.


What!? Is it a monster?!

「Ama, let’s go!!」


We immediately ran over to where Yushiris was, and what we saw when we got there was Yushiris flat on his arse, along with Euvis who was standing dumbfounded. And beyond them lay a vast expanse of burning trees.

「What is it? Did a monster show up?」

「No….from my hands…」

Yushiris looked rather confused.

「Wow, it’s all on fire」

Ama was right, the way the fire was spreading was extraordinary. What could have caused such a fire around here?

「Just now, I thought I saw bright flash some ways off, and the next moment the tress in front of us were blown away. I was so surprised I fell on my ass….. Then next thing I know, a huge fire appeared behind this guy! 」

Based on Euvis’ explanation, he is without doubt a victim of Ama’s skill. Ama, be sure to apologise later. Then Yushiris, who was still on his arse started to speak.

「Umm, well, I think this was probably caused by me」

The size of the flames burning the trees is extraordinary. Don’t tell me… I hurriedly check with Yushiris.

「Have you by any chance…. checked your status?」

「Eh? What about it?」

「Just check it already」

When I said so, Yushiris started looking straight ahead.

<<Yushiris-sama’s Special Spec has been analysed>>

<<Displaying Information based on a 60% analysis>>

Name: Yushiris
         Sex: Male
         Special Spec (SS):
         【Argonist】(Flame User) – Lv.2

Special Spec Status:
         Destructive Power: SS
         Support Power: C
         Practical Abilities: A
         Growth Potential: S
         Self Defence Capability: A

Starting Skill: 【Martial Arts : Ultimate】
– The ability to fight barehanded and use martial arts better than ordinary people.

Starting Skill: 【Flame Domination】
– The ability to freely control any flame, whether created by oneself or by other means.

Starting Skill: 【???】

Starting Skill: 【???】

「Well, Yushiris?」

「I’ve… gotten some powers…」


<<The following skills of the 『Flame Generation』ability have been activated>>

Practical Skill: 【Great Ignition】[2]
Attribute: Fire
Effect: Instantly create a flame that causes a large explosion within the surroundings
Power: Small to Large

「Ah! Got a skill!」

Well, with this I think it’s safe to say that we’ve all probably gotten powers.  Since things have been going well so far, perhaps reality will really be as hoped for.

「Euvis, take a look at your status again」

「Eh? Oh, kay…」

<<Euvis-sama’s Special Spec has been analysed>>

<<Displaying Information based on a 60% analysis>>

Name: Euvis
         Sex: Male
         Special Spec (SS):
         【Timekeeper】(Time Manipulator) – Lv.2

Special Spec Status:
         Destructive Power: B
         Support Power: SSS
         Practical Abilities: D
         Growth Potential: C
         Self Defence Capability: SS

Starting Skill: 【Time Domination】
– The ability to freely manipulate the flow of time in an area or upon objects. Time can be rewound or fast forwarded.

Starting Skill: 【Time Void】
– The ability to isolate a space from the rest of the world, and invalidate the flow of time within that area.

Starting Skill: 【???】

Starting Skill: 【???】

「Huh? Did I always have this?.」

「Just as I thought.」

I could instantly guess from Euvis’ reaction that he’d gotten a power too. Just what sort of ability is it? Im super curious…

「So, Euvis… have ya gotten any powers?」

「Yea, I did.」

Yushiris immediately asked without hesitation. Nice timing.

「What kind?」

「Err… probably the ability to manipulate time」
-Euvis answered half laughing.

「Wow, that’s amazing!」

「Whoah, for real?」

Yushiris and Ama both uttered enviously. Secretly, I envy you too Euvis.

「Hey, try doing something」

「’Something’? Like what?」

「There’s obviously something right here that you can only do if you can control time」

「Huh? And how exactly do I do that?」

At that moment, Euvis’ System responds.

<<Do you wish to use 『Time Domination』?>>

「Oh, something’s appeared. “Yes” I guess?」

<<-Rewind? Fast Forward?>>

「let’s try rewinding」

<<Activating『Time Domination』>>

Then, before our very eyes, the desolate ground, the trees and everything else that had been blown away returned to the ground and the burnt trees were restored to their original green state. Even the ashes returned from whence they came, as if some sort of converse restoration had taken place.

「…It’s back」

The one who used the skill was as dumbfounded as the rest of us. Once again I realised that we’re probably really dangerous. Well, I still don’t quite get it, but ignorance is probably bliss. Rather, things will probably be more peaceful as long as we’re still oblivious.

「By the way, what sorta powers do you have, Kelt?」

-Euvis asked. Ah that’s right. I never told them.

「Well, I don’t really get it, but it seems like mine is the ability to create abilities.」


Everyone froze up simultaneously. Did I say something weird?

Ama was the first to break the silence.

「You’re definitely the strongest」


「How about you give it a try?」

At Ama’s prodding I instruct The System.

<<An error has occurred>>

「Huh? I can’t….」


I try again.

<<An error has occurred>>

「Yea, it won’t work」

「I don’t get it either」

What the heck? Could it be that unlike the rest, I can’t control my powers? But I definitely made use of it when we were attacked by that monster right? Ummmm…. I don’t get it. Perhaps there’s still stuff I need to look into.

「Well, it’ll probably work someday」
    -I said half laughing.

「Looking forward to it」

Don’t hold your breath Euvis.

Yushiris is glancing around looking for something.

「By the way, where’s Dan?」

Looking around us, Dan is indeed not among us.

「Where’d he go?! Also Gakuto’s taking too long with his toilet break!」[3]

「Why’re you talking like a girl?」

「Huh? Well I am technically a girl…」

Now you’re a girl?! 」

We continue looking around but there’s no sign of Dan.

「Isn’t this Dan’s footprint?」

The footprints found by Euvis continue further into the forest.

「Let’s see where it goes」

Following the footprints, we headed deeper into the forest. On and on they continued, and the deeper into the forest we went the trees became larger and thicker, while the atmosphere became eerier and more sinister.


I walked while yelling.

But there was no response. My voice was simply absorbed into the forest. Further in, we came to a dead end space, surrounded by trees. There we found a large tombstone. The footprints seemed to continue on behind it.

「Dan! Are you okay?!」

We had gone past the tombstone. There, we saw both Dan and Gakuto collapsed behind it.

「Dan! You okay?! Gakuto! How far’d you go just to use the toilet damn it!」

Euvis tapped Dan and Gakuto’s shoulders, but they didn’t wake up. No matter how much he shook, slapped, punched or pinched them, they didn’t wake up.

「It’s no good. They won’t wake up.」
-Euvis said as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

「What the hell is going on…..」
 -Yushiris says anxiously. I’ve no idea what’s going on either. However, I could clearly sense the forest itself was a dangerous place. And the atmosphere of this place in particular was different.

There’s definitely something here. Just as I thought that, a black fog started to flow out from the grave, and began to gather in one place.

「What is it this time?」[4]

「Seriously, why the hell are you talking like a girl?」

「Because I’m a girl」

「Please stop」

「Eh? Why? 」

「It’s disgusting」


While Euvis and I were having our little Couple’s comic skit[5], the black fog gathered into a single clump.

「it’d be great if the two of you could be more cautious」

Kelt, Ama, Euvis and Yushiris all became alert immediately.

The lump of black fog eventually turned into the upper half of a man’s body. Red eyes glowed from his black face. The fog in the shape of a man spoke.

「YeWhoHatTresspassedintominegarden, IartTheMasterofYonder」[6]

「ugh… it spoke」
 -Yushiris exclaims.

「Garden? You mean this place?」
 -I say, pointing around the grave.


At that moment I realised something.

「Ahh, I get it now…. I thought it was strange」

「Aah, I see」

It seems Ama understood what was happening too.

「You guys know something?」
 -Euvis asked with a puzzled expression on his face.

「This is the guy who’s cordoned off the whole forest」


「We’ve been walking for a long time right? About 3 hours or so.」

「Well yea…. eh?」

「Don’t you think it’s strange? No matter how much we walked we couldn’t see signs of an exit.」

「Ah! That’s right!」

「Yup. So we’re probably in some sort of ‘Forest of Bewilderment’, like you see in games.」

「Meaning that….」

「We won’t be able to leave unless we defeat this guy. He’s probably the reason Gakuto and the old geezer[8] are asleep.」

「Aah, I get it now」

Interrupting our conversation, the fog in the shape of a man’s upper body speaks.


Gathering black fog in his hand, the ‘man’ reaches out toward us.

「Dark Magic: Nervous System 【Sleep】」

Saying that he mutters something and a ball of fog pops out. Jumping away to avoid it, we all took a defensive stance.

「We’ve got powers now, let’s do it!!」

「Aye aye!」


「I got this!」

I’m feeling nervous. With how we are now, can we beat him?

[1] Pokaan (ポカーン ). Basically the ( ゚д゚) face (eg here). You see it in anime all the time

[2] Dai Hakka (大発火)

[3] Kelt ended with –wayo which is feminine speech. Males would usually end with something like –nda!

[4] Kelt is once again using feminine speech

[5] Fufu Manzai (夫婦漫才) – lit married couple’s manzai. Manzai is a type of Japanese comic skit where you have a straight man and an idiot talking.

[6] Means: “You whom have trespassed into my garden, I am the master of this place”. In the raw the black fog speaks in all katakana with no spaces. Meaning that he speaks monotonously with no pause.

[7] Means: “My garden is the entire forest”

[8] Referring to Dan. Calling him jijii is probably a nickname from their uni days.

[9] Meaning: “all of you will become a part of my garden”. Once again it speaks in pure unbroken katakana

[10] As in the French word for ‘yes’

TN: Moving forward I’ll probably only be able to post 1-2 chapters a week. I’m catching up to where I’ve translated in advance so I don’t expect to be able to post more frequently. Expect 1 a week and if I have time to do a 2nd mid week then treat that as a bonus 🙂

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