Chapter 6: The Black Fog

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Q: What exactly is a ‘Special Spec’?

A: A unique skillset consisting of cheat level skills, that regular people cannot have. Basically, it is said to consist of four abilities. Special Specs grow along with their owner and enable the release of their latent power to the fullest ability. A person can have at most one Special Spec (Take note of this as it is important).

Simply put, it’s sort of like a Job System you find in games, which outlines a person’s vocation.

TN: Kelt starts using gradually using watashi from here on. Mostly it’s ore for the internal monologue and watashi when saying “I” out loud, but not always. I will indicate accordingly which is used if I think it is relevant. See the glossary or previous chapters if you don’t know what this means.
(FYI all the other characters use ore exclusively (as is typical of males their age)

Mouseover the conversations to read the romaji!


Furukawa Kei -> Kelt

Sano Uzuki -> Yushiris

Masuoka Ryuutarou -> Euvis.

Okada Gakuto -> Gakuto

Mitsuya Dan -> Dan

Anobu Shin -> Ama

The fight between us and the fog man started. I start by staring at the ‘man’’s eyes, just like I had previously done with the Hell Hound, to see if any useful information appeared.

<<Lifeform has been identified. Reporting details.>>

            Name: unknown
            Level: ??

            Skills: [???],[???]

         Magic: [Dark Magic: Nervous System] : 【Sleep】

What’s with this guy? There’s no info at all.

The fog man once again gathers fog into a ball in his hand. This time a lot of it.


Sticking out his hand, the large ball of fog comes flying at us.

「Take this!」

I gather power in my hand and pushed it outwards.

<<Activated: 【Raging Winds】>>

The surrounding air explodes, dissipating the fog that was raining down on us.

「Nice, Kelt! Hey you, let me give you something in return!」

Yushiris conjures a flame in his hand and aims it at the fog.

<<Activated: 【Great Ignition】 >>

「Drop dead!!」

A huge flame bursts forth in front of the fog. The explosion is much larger than those you see from grenades in games.

 -The intensity of the explosion caused me to accidentally let out a strange sound.

「Have some wicked fireworks.」
 -Yushirs utters a victory phrase with a smug face

When the smoke cleared, the fog was still there. It doesn’t seem to have taken any damage at all, rather it was perfectly fine.

「Eeeh… it’s still there…」

From a smug face, Yushiris’ expression immediately becomes downcast. Seeing the enemy unharmed, Ama lets loose without skipping a beat.

<<Activated: 【Shockgun】>>[1]

The electric current created by Ama made a loud noise as it advanced straight towards the fog at tremendous speed. Then it pierced the fog man right in the chest.

「That ought to do the trick…」

Indeed the lightning pierced it right in the chest, yet the fog didn’t appear to have gotten any weaker.

「Huh? Why? My attack did hit em right?」

Did Yushiris’ and Ama’s skills not work because of a difference in level? Or perhaps hi has some sort of resistance? Damn it. I’ve no idea.


This time 2 large balls of fog come flying toward us.

「Not done yet!」

I once again use my skill to disperse the fog. The number of balls he shoots keeps increasing. At this rate it’ll overwhelm my ability to blow them away. This is bad.

<<Activated: 【Time Delay】>>

Just as I was wondering what to do, Euvis who was behind me, suddenly activated his skill.

「I’m currently using my skill to slow down time, so he’s as good as frozen for now. Let’s figure out a strategy.」

Coming together in a circle, we started the strategy meeting immediately.

「What do we do?」

「My flames don’t work on him! That shitty ghost!」
 -said Yusiris as he stomped on the ground and scratched his bristly hair.

「My attack passed right through him too.」

Ama stars blankly at his palms, apparently in shock.

「If both your attacks have no effect…. Aint this bad?」

Yes, Euvis… that is indeed the case. If our attacks do no damage, then we have no chance of winning. Who knows how long I can protect everyone. We all use the slow moving time to think. Seeing the black fog approach us ever so slowly was so surreal. Eventually, Euvis spoke up.

「Anyway, shouldn’t we try to wake those two up?」
 -he said, while pointing at Gakuto and Dan.

「but they won’t wake up no matter what we do」
 – I respond.

「No, I mean you have that skill right? Or is it Magic?」

I look at my status again.
「ah, I forgot about that」

I turned towards Dan and Gakuto and fire off my spell. A white circle appears around the both of them and then they are covered in a bright light.

<<Spell: Perfect Healing>>


「ungh… Don Katsu once aga..HUH? WHEREAMI?!」

They both woke up.

When I explained the situation up to this point, they both looked as if they’d been had.

kuuu-! I got ma’ ass handed ta me! When’ I went’a check on Gakuto, I fell down n when I tried ta’ call for help I wuz out cold! Ta think it was an enemy, what’a surprise! 」

「Sorry, all because I took too long with the toilet stuff」

Iwatashi put my hand on Gakuto’s shoulder and said with a smile.

「As long as you’re fine, we’re good. Putting that aside, we need to do something about that… 」


As turn to look at the fog, it’s still moving towards slowly…slowly…ever so slowly. It’s been suuper slow for quite some time now. I almost feel sorry for the bad guy, with his promised facade of villainy having been ripped to shreds. **[2]

「Dan! Please listen. Yushiris and Ama’s attacks don’t work on him! Of course minewatashi too!!」

Euvis regained the impatient expression that had only just left his face, as he filled Dan in.

「…mm? Attack? Ama’s and Yushiris’? 」

「yea. Right now, I’m using my powers to slow down his movement, but we’ve no idea what to do…. Just look at Yushiris for pete sake. 」

I pointed at the hunchbacked figure of Yushiris, who clearly had an aura of depression around him[3].

「Cheh… that bloody smoke bastard…. I definitely won’t forgive you… 」

That’s definitely one guy you shouldn’t touch. In his current state, Yushiris would vaporise anything he came into contact with.

「S…seems perty bad… Ama-cchi, ya tried attack’n too?」

「Yea, I tried. I whacked him with a solid blast of electricity, but he didn’t even quiver.」

「Eh?! Ama, you use electricity?!」

I explained to Dan and Gakuto, who were completely in the dark, as to what powers each of us had discovered so far.

「Err…sorry. Let me get this straight. So basically, Yushiris’ power is flames, Ama’s electricity, Euvis uses time, and Kelt is almighty?」

I’mwatashi not so sure about mine, but for the most part you got it right.」

「Ah.. *phiew*…. We’re quite the OP party eh?」

「And yet we’re in quite the pickle…」

Dan turned towards the fog and suddenly began to stare at it intently.

「Dan, something wrong?」

「Say Kelt, just now you said none of your attacks worked on this guy right?」


「You attacked the fog itself righ’?」

「err, yea….」

「Mind’v I say sum’n?」

「Please do」

Dan turned to me with a serious look in his eyes and said-
「There’s absolutely nothin’ inside that!」

「what do you mean ‘nothing’?」

I can tell that Dan isn’t playing around. In fact I did check The System earlier, but it didn’t really have any information on the fog.

…hmm? “[The System] didn’t work”… was that really it?

I think I know what happened.

「Say Dan…」


「Do you perhaps… know what that thing is? As in see it’s abilities n stuff?」

「I guess… eh? Ya mean you guys dun’ see it’s fer’ what it really is? This thing’s really jus’ plain ol’ smoke. Here, look at this.」

Information suddenly appeared before my eyes.

<<Lifeform Information has been updated. Reporting details.>>

Name: Spawned Wandering Spirit
Race: Spirit
Normal Skills: [Drifting], [Permeation]
Spells: [Sleep] -> Puts creatures to sleep.
Resistances: All attacks are negated due to [Permeation]

Additional Information: The creature may have been created by another spell or ritual and might be remotely controlled.

Weakness: The puppet master.

Weakness (updated): The puppet master -> Necromancer.

Name: Necromancer
Race: Unded

【Dark Incantation】-【Ambivalence Field】
【Special Incantation : Forbidden】-【Revival of the Dead : Inferior】

Resistances: [Darkness Resistance]

Additional Information: Simply put, it hides in the shadows while using the summoned object to fight, and is thus weak in defence.

What the hell? A whole lot of details appeared. It even identified the summoner.

Is Dan’s power some sort of analytical ability?
… a really capable one?

Raising my face, I looked straight up at Dan and asked-
「Can you share this information with everyone?」

「Already done!」

What’s with this e-mail like ability…. it’s so useful. Everyone seems to have gotten the info and understood it right away.

「No wonder it didn’t work」
 -Ama said while scratching his head with an expression that screamed ‘DUH! Of course!!’.

「That means he’s gotta be pretty close by right? 」

Ama was right. The real culprit had to nearby.

Ah well, why not? Afterall we’ve got Euvis. So I decided to give Yushiris a flashy command.



「Could you scorch the whole place?」

It was a simple solution. If we just burned the whole place down, we’d save a lot of time, rather than looking for the Necromancer. Then just ask Euvis to fix it all in a jiffy, and problem solved.

Hearing my words, Yusiris raised his head, pulled a bandana out of his pocket, and wrapped it around his shaggy head.


Saying that, Yushiris took a deep breath, turned around, and gathered power in his right hand. Then a red flame appeared in his hand, which quickly grew into a massive blaze.

「DIE YA MORONNNNN—!!!!!!!!!!!!」

Then, with a yell, the flames from his right hand shot out in a fan-like pattern, instantly turning the trees all around into ashes. And as if saying the trees were no different from trash-
「Once again I’ve burned something trivial」
 – Yushiris says, as he removed the bandanna from his head.

That was pretty cool…. were Iwatashi a girl, I might fall in love.

Nah, just kidding. I’mwatashi a girl now afterall.

Standing beside me was Dan, who was so in shock that his mouth was hanging open and his nose dripping.

「Ee-h?! What the HELL was’sat?!!」

Dan being so shocked is no wonder. Heck, even the rest of us were taken aback by just how powerful this ability was. Yushiris must have been pretty pissed eh… how scary…

「Ah I got em! See, over there!」

It’s too far away for me watashi to see it clearly. Squinting and looking carefully, I saw what appeared to be a burnt out skeleton standing amongst the trees turned ashes.

It seems he was completely swallowed by the flames and died without even realising what happened. He died on the spot, still standing.

「Aww-, looks like he was incinerated along with the tress… I wanted to fry him with my electricity too…」

Clearly disappointed, Ama casually threw out some electricity. Oh god, the earth will surely be destroyed one day because of these guys.

「Hey look! Something’s coming out of the fog!!」

At Euvis’ exclamation, I turned round to look at the fog, which began to roar in agony. As the haze faded away with a loud shriek, after which a faint light appeared along with the face of a valiant looking middle-aged man inside the light.

「I couldn’t deliver it…. I’m sorry… Sarah….Elma…. I love…you」
 -saying that, he quietly disappeared. And the moment the light disappeared, something fell to the ground.

When Iwatashi picked it up, it appeared to be a rusty old pendant. Inside it was a picture of a family of three- a father, mother and daughter. At the back, the words “To my beloved Sarah” were engraved.

Looking at the gravestone, it said “Here lies Westa Vanirante”.

Putting ourwatashitachi hands together, we paid our respects in the Japanese custom.

As the evil presence disappeared from the forest, it gradually became brighter, with light streaming in from one direction.

At long last, our time stuck in this vast forest was finally coming to an end, and as we walked towards the light, I felt both hope and anxiety for what lies ahead.

<You have successfully subjugated a hostile creature and received the following items>

         Reward: Rusted Pendant

[1] Note, previously the author called the skill [electromagnetic canon] in kanji, with the furigana saying “shockgun”. This time only the kanji is used, but since the author had given a proper name for it in english, I’ll be using those rather then the Kanji once a skill has been introduced.

[2] Having trouble translating this. I know exactly what it means, but can’t quite articulate it properly, especially trying to preserve the humour of it. Basically the bad guy’s villain image has been torn down since he moves so slowly now, he’s basically a joke. If anyone can suggest a better phrasing I’d appreciate it!
RAW: ずっとゆっくりだな…悪役のお約束がうち破かれてしまってかわいそうに…。

[3] Something Like this

TN: The author doesn’t explain Kelt’s increasing use of Watashi. Do you think it has any significance? My guess it is either the author’s way of showing Kelt accepting her new body, or there is something else afoot. What do you think?

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