Chapter 7: Exploiting an Opponent’s Weakness

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Q: What are the monsters of this world like?

A: The monsters of this world vary by habitat and region. In a place where nature is abundant, the monsters will be accordingly adapted to the surroundings. Similarly in cold regions, monsters will have cold resistance, and so on.

It is said that the Once region doesn’t have particularly strong monsters, but of late, monsters have started wandering out of their usual habitats into other regions. That too in large numbers.

TN: Really sorry for the delayed release. Have been really behind with many things this past week, including translations. Will try to make it up over the weekend!

「Kelt…can you hear me? 」

Mm? Who is it? Once again I can hear that same crystal clear female voice in my head.

「You did well facing and overcoming your first crisis. Things are going very well indeed. I fervently hope that you will not die, okay? At least until you come to me. 」

Aah, I can feel my consciousness fading away. Just who are you?

「lt….Kelt! Wake up, Kelt! It’s morning!」

N? huh? Euvis? Oh, that’s right. We’d come into this wide open meadow upon exiting the forest. We were all exhausted, so we just slept out in the open overnight. Waking up outside the forest was a little disorienting.

Having left the forest, what lay before us was this wide expanse of grassland with no towns or villages in sight, but rather a herd of deer, some buffalo, hellhounds….wait hellhounds?

At any rate, our current goal is to meet people from this world, wherever they are. If we meet some people we can talk to, perhaps we can learn something about this world. To that end, we ought to get going.

Just as I was about to stand up when I felt a loud rumble in my stomach. Oh right, we hadn’t eaten anything since we’d arrived in this world.

Ama and Euvis were struggling to wake up Yushiris and Gakuto who were still asleep. The only one who seems to be free is Dan.
How about I invite Dan to go hunting for breakfast with me?

「Morning, Dan」

「Oh, Kelt-chan! Morning!」

「You’re free now right? Looks like it’ll be awhile before those two get up, how about we go get breakfast in the meantime?」

「Oh, yer gonna go huntin? Sounds good. I havn’ had nuthin’ ta eat in awhile. I’d love ta eat some meat…. Good luck out there Kelt-chan!」

「No, no. You’re coming along too.」

I forcibly drag Dan along with me.

「Fer’ real?! I aint done ‘nythin like this before…」

「Don’t worry. It’ll be fine」

We had to walk some distance, so I decided to ask Dan about his powers along the way.

「Say Dan, what sort of powers do you have」

「here ya go」

And just like that, his info was sent over to my System.

<<Dan-sama’s Special Spec has been analysed>>

<<Displaying Information based on a 60% analysis>>

Name: Dan
         Sex: Male
         Special Spec (SS):
         【Observer】- Lv.2

Special Spec Status:
         Destructive Power: E
         Support Power: SSS
         Practical Abilities: S
         Growth Potential: S
         Self Defence Capability: E

Starting Skills:

Unique Skill:【Analyser】

– The ability to get detailed information about a specific target. Analysis can be performed on all matter from inorganic materials to living things.

Starting Skill: 【Asymmetric Eyes】
– Allows the right eye to visualise the heat of objects, while the left eye gains telescopic capabilities and is able to see details of objects from a distance.



Aah I see. Dan’s abilities are to do with search and analysis. These are indeed useful abilities that can help us all.  No doubt it has great potential, but is it particularly strong? I doubt it. As I was thinking such things, Dan grabbed my sleeve and pulled me behind a bush.

「Kelt-chan, look! Over there!」

Dan pointed to a lone deer that had strayed from the herd, drinking water at a pond.

「Kelt-chan, take it nice n’ slow, kay?」


As I was preparing to fire off my skill, I stepped on a twig. The loud crack sent the deer running.

「Aah.. so close…」


「No worries! I’ll give it a go next time.」

Seeing me on the verge of tears, Dan pats my shoulder and proudly hits his chest. Walking a little further, we spotted the same deer that escaped earlier.

「Dan… what’re you gonna do?」

「I’ll use this.」

Dan takes out a well sized pebble from his shirt pocket. I’m astonished.

「Just a stone?」

「In my hands even a simple stone becomes a powerful weapon」
 -saying thus, Dan’s eyes shine.

「Leave it…ta me!」

<<Activated: 【Asymmetric Eyes】>>

Dan right eye turns red, while his left eye turns blue.

「Distance is 10 meters. The whole body is blue, so it’s cold. Except for the head, which is red hot. That’s it’s weak spot! *Hngh*!!」

The stone Dan threw flew in a straight line and hit the deer right on the head, causing it to collapse from the concussion.

「Wow, with just a pebble…」 「Attack power ain’t everythin! Careful observation of the target is also a great strategy and a powerful weapon」

Maximising the potential of even the smallest attacks. Perhaps Dan’s ability is pretty powerful in its own way.

「Right, hows about we head back with this?」

The two of us carried the deer back to where the others were.

When we got back, everyone was up. Euvis came running to welcome us.

「Ah, ya came back with food eh? Then lets get right to the eating!」

「I prepared firewood expecting something like this.」

Gakuto carried a large amount of firewood over. Now that’s more like it! You sure work fast.

We arranged the firewood Gakuto prepared so we could start cooking.

「Hey Yushiris, use your flames to start a fire would ya?」
 -said Ama, looking bitter.

「I can’t believe you’re using my powers for something like this」 「Well it’s convenient after all」

Yushiris reluctantly sticks his hand out.

「Fine, fine….. 『Great Flame』, low heat mode!」

<<Activated: 『Great Flame』>>

Saying so, A small flame appears on the firewood. It really is convenient.

「Now then, here use this to prepare the deer」

Saying this, Yushiris handed me a thin but fairly shard and hard stone.

「huh? Me? I’vewatashi never done something like this before…」

「No way, I’ve never done this either」

「Is there anyone here who knows how to prepare a deer?」

In response to my question, everyone turned away.

Eeh…what do I do… if only I knew how to skin game…..」

Just when thought that from the bottom of my heart, The System responds.

<<The following abilities have been created and acquired by utilising 【Ability Production】>>

Skill Name: 【Skinning : Extreme】
Type: Everyday Skill
Details: The knowledge and technique to acquire meat and materials from animals and monsters.
The ‘Extreme’ buff makes it possible to skin animals and monsters even without appropriate tools.

Uwa! It activated!」

「hm? What?」

「I just got a new skill….」

「What kind?」

I looked at the deer we’d brought over. Then The System immediately started it’s analysis within moments, the parts of the deer to be cut were clearly displayed in my vision, in the form of ‘cut here’ guide lines. I approached the deer and used the sharp stone to cut the deer, as per the guide line. When the sharp edge of the stone pierces the deer’s hide, it cuts right through as if it were a utility knife. I silently cut out the edible parts of the deer. Yushiris and the others just stood behind, quietly watching me with dumbfounded expressions.

And thus I finished the dismantling in about 10 minutes.

「*Phew*… its done…. ugh~ my hands are sticky with blood」

The extracted deer meat is reddish-brown and rather grotesque looking when raw. To see a young girl holding that meat in her right hand was quite a spectacle.

「Aah… now I get it… it really is quite the useful ability」

「Yea, it sure is. Here ya go.」
 -I say as I try to hand the meat to Yushiris.

「Eew… I don’t wanna touch it…」

He eventually takes the meat unwillingly and skewers with an iron rod he found, then proceeds to roast the meat over the fire.

Thus we enjoyed a quick meal together. Just plain barbequed venison. Naturally it was unseasoned, so it was unsurprisingly rather bland, though it had a rather pungent smell. It wasn’t so bad that it made it inedible, so surely due to hunger, we all just ate it quietly without any complaints.

「Aah, finally eat it all…. Hopefully the next thing we eat’ll taste much better…」

Euvis slumps down in exhaustion.

「Hey list’n, I’m kinda sensin’ like there are people in that direction; or sum’in like that 」

I can’t see anything in the direction Dan is pointing. Is being able to sense living creatures one of his abilities? Well, it’s not like we can stay here for long. I put out the fire with my feet.

Then I shout out-
「Alright! Everyone, out next goal is to meet people!」

「Let’s do this!」

「ugh… Dan… you smell like a beast…」


Leaving just the bones of the deer behind, we started walking.

TN: So the six of them have been walking through the forest for two days straight plus fighting n stuff without having eaten anything until now? Not even a mention of drinking water or needing to use the toilet ( I would’ve thought Kelt’s first time would be worth describing…)

Author-san isn’t being very realistic…

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Speaking of being realistic, where the heck he found an iron rod?!
    That’s ain’t something you can find lying around right?

  2. An iron rod is an indication of intelligent life, at a minimum level of the mideval ages. He found it randomly so it’s quite important as a civilization is nearby, destroyed or intact. But it also proves that there is intelligent life that can be communicated with even if they don’t speak the same language.
    It’s not something that can be just brushed aside.

  3. Iron in the shape of a rod is almost always cast iron, it being found in a forest randomly, guaranteeing the iron isn’t forged. This implies mass production which means there are multiple civilizations or a threat to the intelligent life. This means that these kids should be way more wary than they are as they could be mistaken as spies or unknowns, and the one thing all intelligent life on earth fear the most is the unknown. So much has been destroyed just because it was unknown to us. This is significant as it’s a possible threat to the characters lives.

    1. well said! I didn’t think of it that deeply but you are right. Well, seeing that there was a grave in the forest and they encountered a ghost its safe to say there are people for sure, so perhaps the rod is also something abandoned in the forest by someone.

      Still you are right, these 6 people are going about so casually and happy go lucky. It’s as if they think they are in a game

  4. Kelt didn’t wash her hands, did she? That’s going to make for an interesting encounter when they find other people.

    1. afaik no mention of her washing her hands. Probably something else the author chose to omit, like drinking water or answering the call of nature

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