Chapter 8: The Concept of Money

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Furukawa Kei -> Kelt

Sano Uzuki -> Yushiris

Masuoka Ryuutarou -> Euvis.

Okada Gakuto -> Gakuto

Mitsuya Dan -> Dan

Anobu Shin -> Ama.

TN: You can mouseover conversations to read the romaji!

We’ve been walking through this wide open grassland for some time. With the aim of meeting people of this world, we continued on silently. Ever since we became uni students, none of us got much exercise, so simply walking such a long distance was as exhausting as running a marathon.

「I’m beat…. hey guys, please, let’s stop for a bit~!」

Totally out of breath, I asked everyone to take a break.

We’d been walking for about two hours now. Kelt was especially tired, having lived a slovenly life of laziness since entering uni, and to top it turned into a girl in this new world, her stamina was at the very bottom rung of humanity.

「Naw, it’s just a bit more~ I can feel theres a’sumthin just a lil’ further ahead 」

Dan keeps on walking in the direction he says he can sense something, but with no goal in sight, we’re all starting to doubt him.

「Are you really sure this is the right way? We’ve been walking a while and I still can’t see anything….」

「It’ll be fine! Trust me!」
Dan tries to ally Euvis’ doubts.

「Well…. our adventure’ll never get started unless we move… so even if Dan’s instincts aren’t all that reliable, we’ve no choice but to keep pressing on.」

Gakuto makes a good point. Indeed, we’ll never even get to the starting line unless we proceed.

Still, Gakuto seems awfully calm. Have you been to this world before? That remindes me, does he even have any powers? Well, there’s no point in prying now. I’ll just ask him when it feels appropriate.

「So… how about that break~?」

「….. 」

「I’m being ignored….」

Giving up, I dragged my feet along to follow the others.

Suddenly, Dan cried out.

「Ah! Look! There’s a house!!」

With a face that practically screamed ‘You’re kidding!’ I looked up, and saw what looked like a wooden house in the distance.

「but is there anyone inside?」

-Yushiris seems concerned, but Dan replies confidently:
「See! I told ya I wasn’t mistaken~! Whatcha say we go take a look eh~?」

And with that, everyone started running straight towards the house.

No way… you’re all running?… I watashican’t….

I didn’t have the energy to run, so all I could do was look at everyone’s backs as they ran ahead, while I slowly made my way to the house at the same pace as before.

Meanwhile, the five who had ran ahead had made it to the front of the house. It was a rather large, 2 story house with a sign at the front door.

All 5 of them look at the sign.

「Hm? What’s this? What language is this? Can anyone read what it says?」

The signboard wasn’t written in Japanese or English, but rather a mysterious language that none of them recognised.

「I’ve no idea what it says.」
-Just as Gakuto said that, The System responded.


<<Analysis Complete>>

<<Analysis Result: Lowhandish>>

<<The following skills have been acquired following the successful analysis:>>

Everyday Skill: 『Language: Lowhandish』

Effect: The ability to read the Lowhand language which is the common language of this world.

「Lowhandish? Never heard of it」
-Gakuto says, bending his neck.

「H..Hey! I can read it all of a sudden! Even though it was just a bunch of strange symbols moment ago!」
-says Yushiris, pointing at the signboard while flustered.

All at once, everyone looked at the signboard.

While all of them were staring at the signboard, Kelt finally caught up to them. The sight of her friends all just staring at a signboard looked very strange.

What are you guys doing?

「Ah, you finally made it. Here, take a look at this.」

Though still out of breath, I approached the signboard, and what I saw was:-

『Vanirante Inn』
 -written on the signboard.

「Inn……inn?! By ‘Inn’ you mean an inn?!」

Hearing the word ‘inn’, Dan got excited.

「Just how many times are’ya gonna say ‘inn’?」

Euvis smacked Dan on the head.

「At last, we can have a rest….」

But just as I was feeling relieved, Gakuto said something devastating-
「Do we have any money?」

We all shuddered. Naturally, as a business they’d want money. However, in the worst case, perhaps they’d let us stop for free if we explained our situation, if we’re lucky.

Nah, not a chance….

What do we do…

I glanced over at Yushiris. Yushiris was looking at me with an expression so grim, you’d think the world had ended.

Aaah, this guy’s now down in the dumps. Don’t make a face like that man, its too funny.

No, no! Now’s not the time to be saying such things.

Still, money huh….

「Ah right! We beat those monsters! Did we get ‘ny money fer that?!」
Hm? Ah! That’s right! This is an isekai[1] afterall!

We’ve indeed defeated 2 monsters so far. If defeating monsters gives us money…

We hurriedly checked out inventory:

<<Money: 150G>>

「We have moneyy—!」

I was so happy, I ended up screaming out loud.

「How much?」
-Gakuto asks with a frown.

「mmm… 150….」

「……Is that enough for all of us?」
「「「「「「…… 」」」」」」

This may have been the first time in this trip, all of us simultaneously fell into despair.

The atmosphere continued to get heavier. In my past life I had experienced this sort of despair, of having walked a long way only to be unable to even enter the store in front of me; yet this was different.

None of us were at fault, yet we couldn’t step into the inn. God, if you exist, please tell me why we’re in this state.

Just as we were about to leave this place, no longer able to bear this despair, the front door of the inn suddenly opened, along with the sound of a bell.

「Ah! Irasshaimase! [2]

Standing in the doorway with a heavenly smile on her face was a blonde, fair-skinned, and slightly petite bishōjo[3]; wearing reddish-brown Japanese-style work clothes and skirt[4] and a frilly white apron on top. She’s taller than me though…

Faced with such a beauty before them, the 5 men and 1 girl were totally bewildered, the insides of their heads just spinning in circles.

「How many guests are we having?」

The guys all suddenly hid behind me, perhaps unable to handle that bright and cheerful smile.

(Hey, why do I ore have to do it?!)

(You’re a girl now, so obviously you can talk to girls!!)


The girl continued to smile brightly even as Euvis and I were having our conversation via eye contact.

(We have absolutely no money, so be sure to properly turn her down. You’re the only one who can do it!)

Signalling with his eyes, Ama too, dumps this on me, as always.

Even I want to turn her down, but just look at that smile….
But we have no money…
Despite struggling with this conflict, I finally made up my mind. It can’t be helped. I’ll turn her down.

Well, that was the plan anyway.

「Excuse me! Um… wewatashi-tachi

At that moment, my vision suddenly darkened and I was struck with a nice herbal scent, along with the feeling of something rather soft upon my face.

Kyaaaa~♡♡!! Kawaii♡♡♡! A girl who’s a traveller!」

Yes, the moment this girl saw me, she suddenly hugged me out of the blue.

「and she’s tinier than me~♡」

My height since becoming a girl is approximately 150 centimeters or so. Based on how she was embracing me, she’s probably around 160cm (5’3″) tall. Looking at her from the corner of my eyes, I can’t see her as anything but a petite girl. Rather than feeling guilty, the suddenness of this event caused my thought process to stop functioning entirely. Though I’ve said she’s on the petitie side, her breasts however…are rather on the abundant…. side.

As for those 5 fellows, they could do nothing but stand aside and watch.

The girl asks while continuing to hug me-
「Hey so, how many customers will it be? Right now I can give you extra special service ya know♡!」

「S…six of us….pleash…」

「Certainly♡! Then, please come right this way k♡? 」

Taking my hand she pulls me inside.

I didn’t have the composure to think about things like money right now.

To think the first person I’d meet would be like this…

I ought to be more aware of my current appearance from now on huh…..

[1] Isekai (異世) means “a different world” I chose to stick with the word ‘isekai’ as it is synonymous with these fantasy/rpg-esque worlds in LNs and Manga.

[2] Irasshaimase! Is just something salespeople/storekeepers say to welcome customers. It means ‘welcome’ but is only said to customers when they first come in to a store, restauraunt or other place of business. You’d never use it to welcome someone to your home or office.

[3] Bishoujo lit. means ‘beautiful young girl’ Anime female protagonists are almost always bishoujo. They are always unbelievably pretty and kawaii.

[4] Probably something like this:

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  2. Not sure about the story so far, but I’m liking the edit and translation. just FYI, 160cm is only about 5’3″, not 6′ which is why the innkeeper seems petit. Mr Protagonist-chan is is a 5′ or so midget

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