Chapter 9: For The Family Left Behind

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Q: What is ‘The System’?

A: A User Interface that serves to assist our protagonists in this world.

Right now it would seem like only those who have been reincarnated can see it… Well, I’ll explain the details when the right time comes.


Furukawa Kei -> Kelt

Sano Uzuki -> Yushiris

Masuoka Ryuutarou -> Euvis.

Okada Gakuto -> Gakuto

Mitsuya Dan -> Dan

Anobu Shin -> Ama

TN: Bonus chapter this week! I had a bit of free time and seeing that I missed a release 2 weeks ago, I figured I’d make it up with a faster release this week 🙂
Mouseover the conversations to read the romaji!

Having lost to the blonde bishōjo’s bright and cheerful smile, we ended up entering the inn despite not having enough money, as she guided us to the front desk, with my hand in tow.

There stood another blonde woman, the spitting image of the young girl who greeted us.

「Mama! We have some travellers as customers!」

Evidently this person is her mother.

With hair braided to one side and a gentle, soothing appearance, she appeared to be very young. A beauty that could easily pass off for a college student. Also, she hard large breasts…..

Ara ara, Welcome~. This is your first time here, is it not?」

Greeting us with a smile even more beautiful than her daughter’s, I think Im falling in love.

No, no, not that. I have to properly decline them this time.

「’Scuse me, though we’ve just as we arrived, and I do apologise but Iorewewatashi-tachi just realised that we don’t have enough money for all of us, and were just about to leave.」

I told the onē-san[1] frankly.

Eeeh-! Are you not spending the night-?! Even though I planned to give extra special service….」
-said the girl, dejectedly.

「Oh, is that the case–? Ara? Those are rather unusual clothes you’re all wearing, is it not?」

The onē-san said, looking at us like she were looking at something unusual.

Now that you mention it, even after coming to this world, we were still dressed in the same clothes we were last wearing in the previous world.

「Are you all perhaps, not from around here?」
-The onē-san looked at us as if she had a question mark hovering above her head.

And so I told them the plain unvarnished truth as to who we were and what had happened to us so far.

「You’ve come over from a different world?」

「That is correct. When I came to, it’s like we’d fallen into that forest, and after that a lot of things happened, but  we some how managed to make our way out of that forest…. 」

As soon as she heard the word “forest” the onē-san looked surprised.

「By ‘forest’ are you referring to the Forest of The Lost? By right, that should be a place that ordinary people typically are unable to enter…… Furthermore, rumour has it that once you enter that forest, you can never return…」

Hearing that, the girl’s face went pale.

「That’s where….my….」

The smile that had been on the onē-san’s face all this time suddenly disappeared, and she quietly turned her eyes to the distance. She stared off in the direction we had come from.

Then Dan suddenly pulled my arm and whispered-
「Say… that pendant ya got when we beat that ghost…could it be…?」

Iwatashi think so too…」

I took out the pendant from my pocket.

「That pendant…」

「Actually, I picked this up in the forest.」

I handed the pendant to the onē-san, who put her hand on her mouth with a shocked expression.

「This is…my husband’s…?」

「It really was yours afterall. There’s more. There was also a grave nearby where the pendant was lying.」

Upon hearing my words, she fell to her knees and began to shed tears.

「So… it’s confirmed… you really are…」

「Mom?! Mom, are you okay?!」

The girl ran up to her crying mother. Wiping away her tears, the onē-san then looked up at us.

「This pendant undoubtably belonged to my husband, this girl’s father, Westa Vanirante. A long time ago, he said that he was going into the forest with his friends for work; but he was the only one who never returned….」

「Eh? So, this was dad’s…」

The girl seems to have understood her father’s fate and burst into tears. We could only watch as the two of them grieved over the death of the father. A sad mood filled the area for some time, and even time seemed to slow down.

Eventually, the onē-san stood up. Rubbing her read eyes, she turned to face us.

「I’m so sorry… to show such a thing to customers…. I have to get my act together…」

Seeing that, the girl too rubbed her red eyes and once again put on her bright smile.

「All you onii-chans[2], Thank you for bringing dad home!」

We all nodded quietly.

「Indeed, Thank you so very much! If you’d like, please rest here for the night! You needn’t worry about the lodging fees.」

「No, no we couldn’t. That’s too much!」

I did my best to decline. For the six of us to stay for free just because we had no money, I couldn’t possibly accept that.

「No, please! Please allow us to show our gratitude! You’ve brought a lost loved one home.」

The girl took my hand.

「Please spend the night! If there’s anything troubling you, we’ll do our best to help!」

Despite mourning the death of her father just moments ago, her smile had regained its full brightness. It seems she really trusts us. With a smile like that, it’s inevitable that we’d lose.

「Oh alright. In that case, we’ll be in you’re care.」

The 6 of us bow in gratitude.

「I am the proprietor of this inn, Elma Vanirante, and this is my daughter, Sarah Vanirante.」 「I’m Sarah! Nice ta meet y’all!」

Thus we decided to spend the night at this inn with these two beauties, a bishoujo and a bijou. Let’s use this opportunity to ask them for all manner of information about this world. We must learn from their resilience and build our lives anew in this world.

….. That said, the mother’s breasts are indeed impressive….

I think might just fall in love with the mother.

…..Just what the hell am I thinking?

[1] onē-san / onee-san (lit. big sister). When using the –san suffix, it is typically used not to refer to one’s own older sister, but as a polite way to refer to other young women (20s or 30s) who are older than you.

In this case that’s specific to Elma, I’m choosing to maintain use of onē-san rather than translating it as “the woman” and such, to emphasise that Kelt is enamoured by her. Elma is very much a MILF, which is why he is calling her onē-san continuously.

[2] Onii-chan means big brother. It’s a polite & casual way to refer to a boy that’s older (-chan is especially used by girls)

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  1. Thanks for the chapter!

    Man… I really hate it when they casually tell other people they just met that they are from a different world.
    At least try to hide it a little!

    1. I think this is the first isekai I’ve seen where they’re just that obvious about it. Glad to see a bonus chapter though.

    2. i know right? i mean one should have some sense of security and caution. it’s dangerous to casually tell people things like that.

      Oh well, plot armour allowed our protagonists to meet good people at the start of their journey

    1. bjou means “beautiful woman”
      It is the grown up version of bishoujo
      Check out the glossary page if there are japanese words you don’t know 🙂

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